Campus Systems Users Group (CSUG) Notes

February 8, 2011 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Angela Barron, Constance Chambers, Diane Davison, Adria Edwards, Loren Edwards, Michael Galant, Tracey Haney, Katrina Hermoso, Delores Lee, Mark McKellip, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Helen Remigio, Robert Ronquillo, Ormond Rucker, Marion Smith, Lisa Stallworth, Michelle Taylor, Frances Twillie, Yvette Velarde

The meeting was chaired by Helen Remigio of Student Information Services.

System Updates

Admissions - Michelle Taylor
  • Spring 2011 admissions is now closed. Fall 2011 applications are being reviewed.
Advising - Loren Edwards
  • The center has had a couple of very busy weeks. STEPS workshops have ended. About 500 of the 900+ students they had hoped to reach did in fact attend.
Class Schedule - Yvette Velarde
  • Yvette is building the Fall 2011 class schedule and is working with College of Extended and International Education (CEIE) on the Summer 2011 schedule.
Course Catalog - Tracey Haney
  • Tracey is working on the 2011-2013 catalog, with this schedule:
    • Academic pages were due last week.
    • Administrative office pages are due February 18.
    • The catalog will be available for review the last week of March.
    • The catalog will go to the printer in April.
    • The printed catalog will be available for purchase the first or second week of May.
  • A CD version will not be produced. In the past, they had been offered at NSOs, but Marco determined that students would just as soon look at the online version. Distributing hard copies at NSOs would be too expensive.

CEIE - Timothy Mozia

  • CEIE is getting ready for the Spring 2011 intersession.
  • 2012 registration will start soon. Most of the schedule is ready.
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) - Katrina Hermosa
  • The deadline to apply for the 2011-12 EOP class was January 31.
  • Information sessions will be held for admittees to the program on February 19 and March 5. The office hopes to have 140 signed up before Summer Bridge, after which they hope to have their full complement of 150 students.
Finance - Robert Ronquillo for Robert Masuda
  • Common Financial System (CFS) is undergoing acceptance testing before going live on April 1.
Financial Aid - Constance Chambers
  • The office is wrapping up 2010-11 and getting ready for 2011-12.
HR - Robert Ronquillo
  • Pass 1 of the HCM 9.0 upgrade was just finished.
Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning (IRAP) - Lisa Stallworth
  • The census is due at the Chancellor's Office on February 18.

Student Records - Helen Remigio

  • This is the last week for late adds. Starting next week, the student will have to submit the late add with a petition.

Transfer Credit/Advising - Diane Davison

  • PeopleSoft will perform grad checks starting this semester.

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., LSU

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