Campus Systems Users Group (CSUG) Notes

January 11, 2011 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Constance Chambers, Diane Davison, Adria Edwards, Merry Eyman, Tracey Haney, Michael Kelley, Delores Lee, Gary Lo, Mark McKellip, Brandy McLelland, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Nicolas Novello, Gayle Ball Parker, Helen Remigio, Robert Ronquillo, Ken Simms, Marion Smith, Lisa Stallworth, Michelle Taylor, Brian Thiele, Frances Twillie, Yvette Velarde

The meeting was chaired by Brandy McLelland, Interim Director, Student Information Systems.

System Updates

Admissions - Michelle Taylor
  • Spring and Fall 2011 applications are being reviewed now.
Class Schedule - Yvette Velarde
  • Yvette is building the Summer and Fall 2011 class schedules.
Course Catalog - Tracey Haney
  • Tracey is beginning production of the 2011-2013 catalog. Academic pages are completed, and catalog copy will be sent to faculty when they return the week of January 18, 2011. Tracey is waiting for updates from the Chancellor's Office (CO), which were due in November. She's concerned that the late CO updates might impact the scheduled release date of the catalog.
  • Tracey is planning to schedule a meeting with Jim Bersig to discuss IT's involvement in the release.

Continuing Education (CEE) - Timothy Mozia

  • Winter session grades will be run next week.
Finance - Robert Ronquillo for Robert Masuda
  • Robert M. is testing the Integration Broker.
Financial Aid - Constance Chambers
  • A 5% increase in aid for the Spring 2011 semester has created extra work in the office. (An academic year increase is more common.) Disbursements will be run tomorrow night, checks will be created on Friday, and checks will be mailed on Monday.
  • Timothy expressed concern that students who dropped during the Winter 2011 session might receive checks in error. Delores asked Timothy to provide the Financial Aid Office with the names of the people who dropped, so that their records can be removed before the disbursement job is run.
  • Delores introduced the new Associate Director, Financial Aid, Nicolas Novello, to attendees.
Hershey - Ken Simms
  • Testing of the new Hershey/Highland is coming soon.
HR - Robert Ronquillo
  • On 1/5/11, the HCM 9.0 Upgrade was officially initiated with the systemwide kick-off  teleconference
    • In preparation for the HCM 9.0 Upgrade, we are currently working to resolve as many production support issues as possible to ensure a clean version.
  • Efast / Ehire Process:
    • The HR and PR team are working to provide additional Action / Reason codes to enhance the functionality of the Efast/Ehire process. 
  • The HCM Environment is currently updated with Version 11.00 and 11.01:
    • Specific to HCM functionality, the majority of the fixes/updates are related to the Absence Management, Temp Faculty and Workforce Administration modules.

New Student Orientation (NSO) - Brandy McLelland for Marco Dowell

  • About 80 new [transfer] students are expected at Friday's NSO.

Student Financials - Brandy McLelland

  • Students owing more than $500 to the University will be disenrolled between January 13 and January 20.

Student Records - Brandy McLelland

  • Brandy introduced the new Associate Director of Student Records, Mark McKellip, to attendees.
  • End-of-term processes have been run, so grad disqualification can be run now.
  • Angela Barron has been named the new Administrative Support Coordinator for Graduate Studies.

Transfer Credit/Advising - Diane Davison

  • New e-mails, replacing forms that had to be filled out by hand, have been sent to students planning to graduate in Spring 2011. PeopleSoft will perform the grad checks.
Technical - Michael Kelley
  • Updates scheduled for December were completed.
  • We participated in a 9.0 kickoff with the CO. We'll get the database this week.
  • Brandy notes that 9.0 will go live in April 2012. Soon, Brandy and Jim Bersig will make a schedule for functional testing of the new system. Testing will take place in three passes.
Advising - Merry Eyman
  • Of the 941 students who were required to take the mandatory freshman advising workshops, 908 came. Those who did not come will now have to take online training and do homework and then meet with an advisor. Merry believes the latter students would advise other freshman to go ahead and take the advising workshops when they are offered.
  • Second semester mandatory freshman advising is provided by colleges.
  • Probationary students can take online STEPS workshops in January and February.
  • An online tutorial, using Camtasia, is now available for transfer students. Focusing on policies and procedures, this tutorial is not mandatory.
  • The University Advisement Center will collaborate with the Career Center on 45-minute workshops for second semester sophomores who have not declared majors.
  • A voluntary senior grad check workshop will be available between January 25 and February 9.
  • Encourage students to use the webcam to have online face-to-face conversations with advisors.
  • The Council of Academic Adivsors has been reconvened.

Knowledge Transfer - Brandy McLelland

  • Brandy is collecting suggestions for future knowledge transfers. Soon, Toni Haley will contact people about dates for their presentations.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 8, 2011, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., LSU

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