Campus Systems Users Group (CSUG) Notes

June 8, 2010 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Ron Bergmann, Jim Bersig, Danielle Brinney, Constance Chambers, Diane Davison, Yuki DeSoto, Adria Edwards, Merry Eyman, Tracey Haney, Katrina Hermoso, Vernesta Johnson, Dan Joseffini, Delores Lee, Ed Liao, Gary Lo, Robert Masuda, Brandy McLelland, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Cecilia Patz, Imelda Quintanar, Helen Remigio, Gentry Robertson, Robert Ronquillo, Ormond Rucker, Ken Simms, Marion Smith, Lisa Stallworth, Elcee Teng, Frances Twillie, Yvette Velarde

The meeting was chaired by Brandy McLelland, Interim Director, Student Information Services.

System Updates

HR - Robert Ronquillo
  • CMS just recently released Maintenance Pack (MP) 9.00. Fixes in this release will provide updates to the following HCM modules:
    • Ben Admin
    • Base Benefits
    • LCD
    • Recruitment Solutions  
    • Temp Faculty
    • Workforce Admin
  • Fixes will go into DVL and subsequently TST databases by 6/9/10.
  • Testing time will be allotted for 3 weeks.
  • Planned migration of MP 9.00 to PRD is aimed for 6/29/10.
Finance - Robert Masuda
  • The Finance Team is current testing the CFS Maintenance Pack (MP) 2.00 and 2.01.  
  • MP 2.00 and 2.01 will be migrated into production on July 20, 2010, during our regular maintenance window.
Admissions - Brandy McLelland
  • The 700 students on probation have two more weeks in which to pass remedial classes. Students who are unable to pass the classes will leave CSUDH and are encouraged to continue remedial work at community colleges.
  • We are in the process of cleaning up years of lax remediation and probation requirements for CSUDH students. As of a couple of years ago, Chancellor Reed requires that students now complete remediation within two semesters of becoming students at a CSU. And Title V gives students two semesters in which to qualify. We were lax when we needed the enrollment. Now we are over-enrolled, with 2,800 students over last year's FTE.
  • A new form with which a student can file an appeal for qualification is going online this morning at the Advisement Center Web site.
Financial Aid - Constance Chambers
  • Connie thanks IT for enabling V8.06 quickly.
  • Financial Aid is preparing to disburse funds for the summer. This will be helped by the speed at which faculty have submitted spring semester grades. [Brandy notes that Provost Vogel is very serious about faculty getting grades submitted on time.] Financial Aid doesn't want to award aid to a student who does not pass remediation.
  • The new 2-year Pell Grant has required a work-around because PeopleSoft does not yet handle a 2-year award.
  • The number of Financial Aid applications is up.
Student Financials - Cecilia Patz
  • Dan Joseffini asked if there's a non-resident fee on summer school classes. The answer is no, which is good news for our international students.
  • Cecilia is working on summer school fees for CEIE.
College of Extended and International Education (CEIE) - Timothy Mozia

CEIE is 90% ready to support summer school. However, some issues remain and must be decided immediately.

  • Cecelia indicates that loads of 0-6 units and >6 units will be a sum from both summer sessions. Students are expected to pay within 24 hours of registration. If a student with a hold registers for a class, the registration is not reflected in the class enrollment. Cecelia and Timothy will work this out this afternoon.
  • Timothy had a question for Records about wait lists and permission numbers. Departments are issuing permission numbers. Yvette indicates that some permission numbers won't work even though they have not passed the expiration dates. Timothy has some classes ending 6/18 and some ending 6/24. Brandy asked Timothy to send her the names of courses that are affected.
  • Timothy needs to see the revised contract for summer school faculty by tomorrow.
  • Classrooms are not shown in the schedule. Yuki says she'll add a link to room assignments to the online summer schedule.
Hershey - Brandy McLelland
  • Hershey V7 is now in operation.
Advising - Merry Eyman
  • The Advisement Center now has a chart of faculty members who are available to do advising for majors this summer.
  • Quizzes were sent to students who were required to take STEPS workshops but didn't.
EOP - Imelda Quintanar
  • All new EOP students are now registered for one-half of their Fall 2010 classes via New Student Orientations.
  • Two hundred students will take Summer Step from July 6 through August 11. Summer Step is an intensive English and math experience. If a student passes Summer Step, s/he can enroll in the next level of remediation.
Technical - Jim Bersig
  • Michael Kelley is working on MP 9.00 today.
  • Adria asked where the Fise codes went. Yuki suspects the codes were present in the launch of PeopleSoft on this campus three years ago but that they've never been updated. Yuki will investigate this.
Knowledge Transfer - Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery - Dr. Ron Bergmann

Ron described the campus as a large, complex, and decentralized organization. In the technology area, some is on campus (e.g., Exchange server, MyCSUDH portal, LDAP) and some is off campus (e.g., Blackboard and PeopleSoft servers, TouchNet). Reflecting on the January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake, Ron indicates that we don't want to develop a disaster recovery plan after a disaster happens. He proceeded to describe some of the planning and activities that are taking place in this area.

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 13, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., LUSU

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