Campus Systems Users Group (CSUG) Notes

May 11, 2010 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Danielle Brinney, Constance Chambers, Diane Davison, Marco Dowell, Adria Edwards, Merry Eyman, Michael Galant, Tracey Haney, Katrina Hermoso, Vernesta Johnson, Dan Joseffini, Delores Lee, Susan Lopez, Penny Mackaig, Robert Masuda, Brandy McLelland, Juan Carlos Mejia, Terry Molano, Timothy Mozia, Thanh Nguy, Gayle Ball Parker, Cecilia Patz, Helen Remigio, Gentry Robertson, Robert Ronquillo, Ormond Rucker, Ken Simms, Marion Smith, Lisa Stallworth, Frances Twillie, Yvette Velarde

The meeting was chaired by Brandy McLelland, Interim Director, Student Information Services.

System Updates

HR - Robert Ronquillo

  • The CO has released Maintenance Pack (MP) 8.5, and Robert is retrofitting our HR mods.
  • MP 9.0 is coming on June 3.

Finance - Robert Masuda

  • The Common Financial System (CFS) Baseline Modifications (Common Code) were released as Maintenance Pack 2 (MP 2).
    • The Finance Team is currently testing the CFS baseline modifications, MP 2.
    • MP 2 is scheduled to be migrated into FIS production on July 20, 2010.
    • During this phase, there should be minimal impact on end users because all Dominguez Hills’ custom modifications will remain until CFS Database Consolidation.
  • CFS Database Consolidation – Dominguez Hills is scheduled to consolidate into the system-wide CSU database on April 1, 2011.  
    • Implementation will begin in October 2010 through April 1, 2011.

Admissions - Michelle Taylor

  • The Summer 2010, Fall 2010, and international application periods are now closed. The document deadline for Fall 2010 is July 1.
  • Graduate student application deadlines vary by department.

Class Schedule - Yvette Velarde

  • Work on the Spring 2011 class schedule begins tomorrow. It includes academic calendar dates.

Student Records - Danielle Brinney

  • Summer 2010 and Fall 2010 registration is underway.
  • A new process for faculty to give incomplete grades is now online. Diane is offering training on using the process.
  • Summer registration numbers are down from last summer, but that is good.

Transfer Credit/Advising - Diane Davison

  • Four majors have been added to the degree audit: BA Biology, MS Biology, MAT Mathematics, MS Occupational Therapy. [Following the meeting, Diane added BA Philosophy.]
  • Few faculty members have taken Diane's training for awarding an incomplete grade.

Financial Aid - Delores Lee

  • Last month Delores reported: "A critical fix to PS is coming from the CO." Now a critical fix is coming to fix the April critical fix.
  • The Pell Grant range has been expanded, but Financial Aid had already awarded some Pell Grants.
  • Delores is concerned about MP 8.05 and how it might affect Financial Aid.
  • The department is gearing up for summer.
  • So far, 4,600 students will receive awards for 2011.
  • A grand total of $89,298,638.35 was awarded to CSUDH students in 2009-10.

Student Financials - Cecilia Patz

  • A student can't register if s/he has a financial hold (FH), and the hold limit has been lowered from $1,000 to $500.
  • A student can't graduate if there's a non-zero balance due.

Hershey - Brandy McLelland

  • We're moving to Hershey V7.

Hobson's - Gayle Ball Parker

  • E-mails and postcards featuring MyCSUDH were sent to new students on May 10. The language has been changed to say if you're having trouble logging in, contact IT. It used to say--if you're having trouble, contact IT. And IT got lots of calls that needed to be handled elsewhere.

Advising - Merry Eyman

  • The UAC just completed 16 Mandatory Freshmen Advising sessions. Mandatory advising will take place for all 1st and 2nd semester freshmen, in order for Advising registration Holds to be removed.
  • All undergraduate students on probation are required to attend a STEPS workshop. If a student is on probation for a second term, s/he has to complete an online session and bring the required homework to the Advising Office. Holds will only be removed when the student has completed the workshop or homework from a session as required for subsequent probationary semesters.
  • Students at NSO will be advised by UAC and/or major advisors in break-out sessions.
  • UAC is assisting many more students. For example:
    • 1,096 students in advising sit down sessions during April 2010.
    • 137 with quick questions and holds during the short May 3-6 week.
    • 107 phone calls on Monday, May 10.
  • UAC is putting together an advising manual, which will be available in the front office. The manual will include a comprehensive resource list, current office location and hours for professors, a baccalaureate degree checklist, and information about testing and remediation, roadmaps, a listing of courses that simultaneously double count for major and GE, and various student forms.
  • UAC will be offering grad check sessions at the beginning of each semester.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) - Katrina Hermoso

  • The first NSO is this Saturday, May 15. EOP will be offering its own NSO concurrently in the University Theater.
  • EOP will preregister 250 students before Saturday.

New Student Orientation (NSO) - Marco Dowell

  • One thousand students have already signed up for NSOs. Five hundred will be on campus this Saturday, about 80% of them being transfer students.
  • Offices such as testing and advising can get lists of the RSVPs. About 10% of those registered don't show up, allowing some space for on-site registration.
  • Donna Cruz is working on a wonderful online orientation for transfer students.

College of Extended & International Education (CEIE) - Timothy Mozia

  • Registration for the spring intersession, summer session, and fall semester is working fine for CEIE.

Knowledge Transfer - Facilities Leasing and Scheduling - Vernesta Johnson

  • Vernesta coordinates facilities for events scheduled for on-campus and off-campus users. An application form is required for any reservation. If the person requesting the reservation is an off-campus person, a certificate of insurance is also required.
  • Some reservations, e.g., weekend reservations, require that Vernesta coordinate with Physical Plant and Public Safety.
  • The Carson Sheriff's Station schedules officer motorcycle training here.
  • Vernesta works with Richard Chester when filming is scheduled. Expect filming of a movie starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks in June.
  • Vernesta also works with the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS) and the Loker University Student Union (LUSU).
  • Coming up:
    • Saturday, August 21, the CSU-sponsored Super Saturday
    • Saturday, September 18, the Harbor Area College Fair (we co-sponsor)

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 8, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., LUSU

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