Campus Systems Users Group (CSUG) Notes

March 9, 2010 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Danielle Brinney, Constance Chambers, Brian Cruz, Donna Cruz, Diane Davison, Robert Downs, Adria Edwards, Merry Eyman, Michael Galant, Tracey Haney, Katrina Hermoso, Dan Joseffini, Delores Lee, Susan Lopez, Lien Luong, Robert Masuda, Brandy McLelland, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Gayle Ball Parker, Helen Remigio, Gentry Robertson, Ken Simms, Marion Smith, Lisa Stallworth, Michelle Taylor, Elcee Teng, Frances Twillie, Yvette Velarde

Guests: Deborah Parham, Mark Smith

The meeting was chaired by Brandy McLelland, Interim Director, Student Information Services.

System Updates

HR - Adria Edwards

  • Version 8.0 and the 8.1 maintenance packs are undergoing testing.

Finance - Robert Masuda

  • Common Financials System (CFS) implementation dates have been tentatively set for 2011.  The three potential dates are:  
    • April 1, 2011
    • January 1, 2011
    • July 1, 2011   
  • The CFS Project timeline remains on target
    • March 2010 - The Chancellor's Office (CO) is scheduled to release a demo database for testing purposes to the campuses.
    • March 22-24, 2010 – CFS training will be provided to a select group of core finance users and technical staff.
    • July 1, 2010 - The 23 campuses will be on a common code (i.e., Chart of Accounts and Chartfields).
    • Robert and the Finance subject matter experts continue to review the CFS modification specifications.

Admissions - Michelle Taylor

  • The Fall 2010 application period for freshmen is now closed. The document deadline for the same group is March 15.
  • The Fall 2010 application period for transfer students is open until March 15. A document deadline has not been set.
  • Graduate student application deadlines vary by department.
  • We've admitted the largest number of freshman and transfer student in the history of the University: 6,778 first-time freshmen and almost 6,000 transfer students.

Student Records - Danielle Brinney

  • At this point, a student needs an instructor's signature and a department chair's signature in order to drop a class. To add a class, a student needs a late add form, a Petition for Exception form, signatures, and a $10 fee.
  • Fall 2010 registration is coming up. Term activation is scheduled for the last week of March.

Transfer Credit/Advising - Diane Davison

  • A form for incomplete grade agreements is now online.

Financial Aid - Connie Chambers

  • The office is testing V8.0. They had planned to start testing V8.01 now, but the CO has identified problems in it.
  • Connie is on a conference call with the CO tomorrow. Action: Brandy asks that Connie let Jim Bersig and her know the results of the call.
  • With a critical fix not working, there is a delay in sending out award letters.
  • Financial aid applications will be entered shortly after March 16.

College of Extended & International Education (CEIE) - Timothy Mozia

  • Timothy is walking coordinators through PeopleSoft training. Action: Brandy asks that Timothy provide her tips for future PS training.
  • Registration for Summer 2010 is underway now.

Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning (IRAP) - Lisa Stallworth

Advising - Merry Eyman

  • The office will complete 42 probation advising workshops by March 17.
  • Colleges are doing mandatory advising now.
  • If you see a discrepancy between policy and procedure and/or the catalog, please let Merry know.
  • The Council of Academic Advisors has been reactivated and is meeting this afternoon.
  • An early alert system has been implemented. English and math remediation students have to complete those courses by the end of the summer, or they are disqualified.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) - Katrina Hermoso

  • EOP offered an orientation on February 20 and offers a second one on March 13. After that, EOP staff can finalize the admissions list and yield the cohort of 110 members.
  • Merry praised the effectiveness of the CSUDH EOP program and noted that elements of the program will be utilized to expand the Title 5, Student Success, program.

Technical - Brandy McLelland

  • A 9.0 update is being tested, with March 31, 2011, as the go-live date. The go-live will include 9.0 plus service packs that come along about every six months.
  • Action: Brandy asks that you review all of your business processes now. Which ones will have to be redone to accommodate V9.0?
  • Timothy notes that some changes are critical for Extended Ed.
  • What about including textbooks in the class schedule?
    • Yvette is forming a group to work on getting this information into PeopleSoft (PS); data will either be entered directly into PS, or the course will point to the Follett site.
    • Jim Bersig and Ron Bergmann are working with a systemwide solution group.
    • The go-live date for the inclusion of this data is March 31. The system will be down over the weekend; this may mean that the Fall 2010 registration date will need to slip. Financial Aid will be in the middle of processing that weekend.
    • The new feature will require lots of testing.

Other topics

  • Steve Williams brought up naming conventions in Blackboard (Bb). Brandy indicates that Bb is not the "system of record," so mass e-mails will not be sent from there.

Knowledge Transfer - Communication Plan - Gayle Ball Parker and Donna Cruz

  • Rather than using the PS prospect module, all such data is entered into Hobson's. Data comes from a variety of sources:
    • We buy SAT data for LA County and some parts of Orange and San Bernardino Counties;
    • Day at Dominguez attendees;
    • Prospects who visit the Future Student Web site;
    • Prospects who schedule campus visits;
    • Prospects who are students at our 10 partner community colleges.
  • Everyone receives a welcoming postcard. After that, prospects receive news e-mails (e.g., register online for Day at Dominguez, various deadlines) and sometimes they receive targeted e-mails if they indicate a desired major. Some e-mails are specifically aimed at prospects who are 25 and older.
  • Primary goals:
    • Don't let the prospect opt out of Hobson's.
    • Provide only one message in an e-mail.
    • Consistent look in all communications.
  • Hobsen's produces lots of statistics. The most opened e-mails have to do with financial aid. Hobsen's can indicate, also, who opened mail.
  • Continuing students receive Hobson e-mails also, e.g., registration dates, parking information, grading policies.
  • A process for sending mass e-mail is being developed.
    • Robert Downs sought a mass e-mail warning of the major renovation at the front of the library, and he was directed to Donna.
    • In addtion to mass e-mails, notices can be posted on the University home page, the MyCSUDH home page, and the marque at Avalon and 190th Street.
    • Notices can also be posted at Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.
    • Read the Guidelines for Sending Mass E-Mail to Students (28 KB)
  • Toro Pride posters have been delivered to level one schools (35-40 local high schools and some community colleges).
  • The Hobson's database has a weekly refresh from PS.

Next meeting: Tuesday, April 13, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., LUSU

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