Campus Systems Users Group (CSUG) Notes

February 9, 2010 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Danielle Brinney, Brian Cruz, Donna Cruz, Diane Davison, Deborah Douglas, Marco Dowell, Adria Edwards, Merry Eyman, Michael Galant, Tracey Haney, Katrina Hermoso, Michael Kelley, Delores Lee, Robert Masuda, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Gayle Ball Parker, Imelda Quintanar, Helen Remigio, Gentry Robertson, Robert Ronquillo, Ormond Rucker, Ken Simms, Marion Smith, Lisa Stallworth, Michelle Taylor, Frances Twillie, Yvette Velarde

Guests: Susan Lopez

The meeting was chaired by Michael Kelley, CMS/Oracle Administrator, Administrative Information Systems.

System Updates

HR - Robert Ronquillo

  • A new application engine was released on January 28. So far, all staff position data has been updated.
  • Merry reports that she can't download resumes. She was advised to contact Adria.

Finance - Robert Masuda

  • The Common Financials System (CFS) Project timeline remains on target
    • March 2010 - The CO is scheduled to release a demo database for testing purposes to the campuses
    • Marc h 22-24, 2010 – CFS Training will be provided to a select group of core finance users and technical staff
    • July 1, 2010 - The 23 campuses will be on a common code (i.e., Chart of Accounts and Chartfields)
    • Robert and the Finance subject matter experts continue to review the CFS modification specifications

Admissions - Michelle Taylor

  • The Spring 2010 application review is closed.
  • The Summer and Fall 2010 application periods are open now.
  • Only three graduate programs will be open in Summer 2010.

Course Catalog - Tracey Haney

  • Tracey is still updating the catalog, which will have a complete review starting next week.
  • The Summer 2010 online catalog is now done.
  • Completion of the online and hard copy versions of the Fall 2010 catalog will be concurrent. Mandatory updates from the CO are included now. Tracey will request updates for the rest of the catalog in March or April. Tentative upload date: August 1.

Class Schedule - Yvette Velarde

  • Yvette is ready for Summer 2010 updates, with posting due at the end of March.
  • The Class Schedule Search modification for regular stateside courses is underway.

Student Records - Danielle Brinney

  • Waitlists have been purged. At this point a student would need a permission number in order to add a class. Permission numbers override enrollment caps.
  • February 16-18 are the dates for late adds, which must be done in the A&R office, not online.
  • Please let Danielle know right away if you know of students who are having troubles with registration.

Transfer Credit/Advising - Diane Davison

  • Diane is continuing to process updates.

Financial Aid - Delores Lee

  • March 2 is the deadline for financial aid applications.
  • April is financial aid document submission month.

Hershey - Ken Simms

  • A coding problem was resolved with an upgrade last week. Testing is being conducted this week.

Hobson's - Donna Cruz

  • E-mails are being sent to new admits, to prospective transfer students, and news about scholarships to all.

Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning (IRAP) - Lisa Stallworth

  • With a census date of February 18, census jobs will run beginning at 12:01 a.m. on February 19.

Advising - Merry Eyman

  • The office provided 25 probation workshops recently, with 41 more scheduled from February 9 through the beginning of March.
  • Merry is meeting with deans on Thursday to resolve the issue of holds and who can clear them. Right now, a student goes to the University Advisement Center if her/his major is undeclared, and goes to a department with a declared major [with the exception of Arts & Humanities students, who are instructed to always see Dr. Carol Tubbs]. Helen reminds us that information like this can be added to and read by students in the Notes area of PeopleSoft.
  • One UAC staff member was assigned to handle enrollments in remedial English, and the result was very smooth.
  • Merry gets complaints about long waits when telephoning UAC. She is remedying this with the hiring of student assistants and the installation of additional telephone lines.
  • Merry is developing a UAC handbook.
  • Advising continues to be mandatory for students with undeclared majors. Instructions about this will be provided at new student orientations (NSOs).

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) - Katrina Hermoso

  • EOP is offering orientations on February 20 and March 13. After that, EOP staff can finalize the admissions list.
  • The EOP cohort has 125 members.

New Student Orientation (NSO) - Marco Dowell

  • Marco is meeting with Andy McDaniel, Randy Zarn, and Brandy McLelland to discuss allowing attendees to pay NSO fees online. But there probably isn't enough time to update Marketplace before the next NSO.

Technical - Michael Kelley

  • A minor fix for Asset Management will be applied to HDHCNV and HDHTST this week.
  • The tech folks are always working to improve system performance.

Other topics

  • Michael Galant notes that he sees CP, rather than toroMail, addresses in his PeopleSoft rosters. Michael Kelley asked Michael G to send him an e-mail about this so that he, Michael K, can direct it to the proper people.

Knowledge Transfer - Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning - Lisa Stallworth

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 9, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., LUSU

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