Campus Systems Users Group (CSUG) Notes

January 12, 2010 Meeting Notes

Members Present: Jim Bersig, Danielle Brinney, Constance Chambers, Brian Cruz, Donna Cruz, Diane Davison, Deborah Douglas, Marco Dowell, Adria Edwards, Merry Eyman, Tracey Haney, Katrina Hermoso, Dan Joseffini, Michael Kelley, Ed Liao, Lien Liao, Robert Masuda, Penny Mackaig, Brandy McLelland, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Imelda Quintanar, Helen Remigio, Robert Ronquillo, Ormond Rucker, Ken Simms, Marion Smith, Mark Smith, Lisa Stallworth, Michelle Taylor, Elcee Teng, Frances Twillie, Yvette Velarde

The meeting was chaired by Brandy McLelland, Interim Director, Student Information Services.

System Updates

HR - Robert Ronquillo

  • Maintenance pack 7.0 goes into production this week, and 7.1 goes to the test environment this week or next. Robert will e-mail the exact date to functional users so they can start testing.
  • Robert is participating in modification review sessions with the Chancellor's Office (CO). There is a review session for the Absence Management module this afternoon. Review sessions for Labor Cost Distribution (LCD), Temporary Faculty, Workforce Administration, Benefits Administration, and Time & Labor modules have been completed.
  • The Oracle 10G upgrade was completed on Sunday.

Finance - Robert Masuda

  • In March the CO is scheduled to release a testing environment for the CFS (Common Financial System).  By July 1, 2010, the campuses will be on a common code (i.e., Chart of Accounts and Chartfields).
  • Robert is currently reviewing and comparing our campus modifications with CFS modification specifications.

Admissions - Michelle Taylor

  • Admissions for Spring 2010 are being wrapped up. We've experienced an increase in applications.
  • July 1, 2010, is the deadline for Fall 2010 applicants to submit all documentation.

Course Catalog - Tracey Haney

  • The catalog is online.

Class Schedule - Yvette Velarde

  • Summer and fall class schedules will be online only. Hard copies will not be available.

Student Records - Danielle Brinney

  • The first day of the spring semester is January 23. Her office is very busy right now with tasks such as preparing transcripts for students who previously had holds on their records.

Transfer Credit/Advising - Diane Davison

  • An incomplete grade form will be available soon.

Financial Aid - Constance Chambers

  • Connie hopes that refund checks will be mailed out before January 23, the first day of school.
  • A critical fix for PS FA went into test on Thursday and will be in production on Tuesday. Once the fix is in production, FA applications for the 2010-11 academic year will be accepted.

Student Financials - Penny Mackaig

  • 1098s are going to the third party processor later this week. They will be mailed to students on February 1.
  • The unit is working on financial aid checks now.

College of Extended and International Education (CEIE) - Timothy Mozia

  • CEIE is now handling registrations and drops for Winter 2010. The numbers are good.
  • They are also accepting registrations for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2010.
  • CEIE is experiencing very slow system responses for both PeopleSoft and Blackboard.
  • The portal and Blackboard were both down on January 8, upsetting winter faculty who were trying to contact their students. Jim Bersig pointed out that the portal wasn't down that day, but underlying PeopleSoft applications were.

Hershey - Juan Carlos Mejia

  • Everything is up to date.

Student Communications - Donna Cruz

  • E-mails are being sent to students regarding topics such as how to activate accounts, EPT/ELM status, and dates for financial aid applications.
  • Re EPT/ELM: First year students cannot register if they have not taken these tests. Further, students can't stay here if remediation is not completed within three semesters. A scheduled February class is full. Additional classes are scheduled for March.

Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning (IRAP) - Lisa Stallworth

  • Find all of the official data for Fall 2009 on the University Web site, under About CSUDH.

Advising - Merry Eyman

  • The office is clearing up degree audits.
  • The office is taking walk-in students rather than appointments, and the response is good. The office served about 1,000 students in a recent 3-week period.
  • Merry is getting input regarding block scheduling from other campuses.
  • The office has produced a new advising sheet, which lists courses and unit requirements.
  • The office conducted very successful probationary workshops last semester. Merry prefers workshop, rather than 1 on 1 sessions, so that more students can be served. Online advising is especially valuable for the same reason.
  • The office will provide grad check workshops in the spring semester.
  • The university is going toward mandatory advising. Starting this semester, all freshmen with undeclared majors have to come for advising.
  • Letters have been sent to students who have not yet taken the GWAR.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) - Katrina Hermoso

  • EOP applications were due yesterday. Here are the numbers:
    • 11,062 expressed interest
    • 3,281 were eligible
    • 906 applied
    • 125 will be selected
  • Supporting documents are due by January 30. Selected students will receive orientation thereafter.
  • First time freshmen (not transfer students), California residency, and income determine eligibility.

Technical - Michael Kelley

  • Maintenance pack 7 and UNP 7.01 will be in production next Tuesday after testing that runs through this Thursday.
  • Test database will be down tomorrow at 6 p.m.

New Student Orientation (NSO) - Marco Dowell

  • Marketplace is available for new students, but they can't pay the NSO fee there. Action: Brandy will call an NSO/Student Financials meeting, to include Marco, Brandy, Penny Mackaig, Andy McDaniel, and Yuki DeSoto.

Call for Presentation Topics - Brandy McLelland

  • Campus communication plan
  • Communications calendar [in Hobson's?]
  • Business continuity plan [Jim Bersig suggests that Ron Bergmann present this]
  • PS 9.0 - both high level and module-level
  • Extended Education processing
  • HR business process
  • Mini new-hire orientation
  • Part-time faculty
  • IRAP
  • Event scheduling
  • What departments receive communications from Student Information Services?

Knowledge Transfer - Student Financial Data - Penny Mackaig

  • Penny offered this agenda:
    • Organization
    • Systems
    • Interfaces and cross-functionality
    • Tuition calculations

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 9, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., LUSU

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