PUG Meeting Notes

December 2 , 2008

Members Present: Danielle Brinney, Kimberly Carpenter, Constance Chambers, Diane Davison, Robert Downs, Tim Farris, Michael Galant, Dovie Harness, Timothy Mozia, Helen Remigio, Marion Smith, Elcee Teng, Yvette Velarde, Steve Williams

Tim Farris chaired the meeting.


  • Auto-provisioning has been turned on. This means that a job runs overnight, identifying new students in PeopleSoft (PS) and creating entries for them in the LDAP. This process of transferring new data from PS to the LDAP was formerly done by hand. The job also identifies certain changes in PS (e.g., a student goes from admitted to enrolled status) and makes appropriate changes in the LDAP record. This job is being monitored by Tim, Yuki DeSoto, and Kimberly.
  • Timothy points out new Extended Education (EE) faculty do not know their temporary passwords, so they are unable to log in. Though Timothy reports that IT Help Desk staff have been very helpful, recreating temporary passwords for new EE faculty without delay, he asks if the process can be automated. Tim will discuss this with Yuki.
  • There's one lingering Blackboard problem for some current students and faculty who had not been here for a semester or two. Their old Banner IDs were not changed to PS EmplIDs. They could log into MyCSUDH but not see current enrollment/classes. In these cases Steve has been creating new temporary usernames for them. In early January such records will be cleaned up with everyone receiving permanent EmplIDs.

Portal/Self Service

  • Michael displayed an online view of a student's unofficial transcript. A print-to-PDF option works well, but it's not obvious how to get to that option. Perhaps an intermediate button saying Print could be added to the page, where pressing the button causes a link to print-to-PDF.
  • Michael then displayed a class roster in which the head count does not match the number of currently enrolled students. Kimberly will investigate this issue. [Update on 12/03: This is a CMS error, and Yuki has submitted a help desk ticket about this to CMS central.] She points out that selecting an All option causes a display of everyone who has enrolled in the section, even if they've since dropped the class.
  • Yvette questioned the degree audit page and how clear it is for a student to know that her/his current requirements for graduation may not match the current university catalog. Perhaps a disclaimer needs to be added to the page. Diane points out that there's an advisement form on which a student can request a change to a different year for requirements. Further, a student's year for GE requirements can differ from her/his year for major/minor requirements. A student's AP classes are included in the degree audit. Meanwhile, Michael indicates that the PS degree audit screens are very helpful.
  • Tim indicates that there's a proposal to send a student directly to the blue PS Student Center page after login to the portal. Currently the student sees a graphical page that includes a link to Student Center. There were murmers of approval in the room until Timothy pointed out that all Extended Education students, whether taking classes for credit or not, need to go to that first graphical page in order to link to EE to register.
  • Yvette points out that sometimes an EE Internet fee is added to the bill for a regular university student instead of an EE student and sometimes EE students are billed for full-time rather than part-time tuition. Timothy responds that this is a training issue.
  • Elcee asks if student assistants see an Employee tab when they log into the portal. Tim will find out. Elcee also wants to know if Payroll is notified if a student changes personal information in the portal. Payroll is automatically notified when an employee does.
  • Tim says there's a proposal to add a MyLife (or similar name) page for students. The page would include an events calendar and gadgets that a student can add to the page.
  • Notices about campus emergencies will be posted on the portal home page.

New Hires

  • A new hire process for staff is being developed. The new hire will be entered into PS after accepting the offer rather than after accepting and then being processed by Payroll. This will provide an EmplID to the new hire, allowing access to the network, e-mail, and a key fob. New faculty will not use the new hire process. In fact, a part-time faculty member does not get an EmplID until s/he is connected to a specific class.


  • Financial Aid is the next department to be implemented (date to be determined next week).

Disaster Recovery

  • The campus is currently undergoing an audit of information security procedures. We have a procedure written for Banner but not PS. Even though the system is located in Salt Lake City, a redundant system needs to be located somewhere else in case of disaster.

PeopleSoft Status

  • Connie and Robert report that the system can be very slow. It was very slow yesterday but much better today. Helen reports that we received 2,400 applications over the weekend (the November 30 deadline looms) and this might account for a slow Monday. The system is very slow always when accessed through Touchnet. Robert reports that in his area (library) the system is slow and getting slower all the time.
  • Robert reports that two members of the library staff either cannot access PS at all or they do not have correct access. Tim responded that Robert should contact George McCalmon about access.
  • Connie notes that we received e-mails about a COBOL problem from Salt Lake City yesterday, even though they knew of issues on Wednesday. She requests that communication from Salt Lake City be improved.


  • Tak Yee Poon is out for the month of December. Khiem Ha will be out for the month beginning next week. Bich-Dao Huynh and Gary Lo will be on vacation December 22-24.


  • Helen asks that data not be added to a record saying "Do not use - duplicate ID." This language is added to a second record for a single person, and such records will eventually be purged from the database.
  • Timothy announced that a discount rate for registration at the Oracle Alliance 2009 conference is available. See the conference Web site for details.

Next meeting: Tuesday, January 6, 2009, 10 a.m., WH 303

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