PUG Meeting Notes

November 4 , 2008

Members Present: Danielle Brinney, Kimberly Carpenter, Constance Chambers, Diane Davison, Robert Downs, Tim Farris, Michael Galant, James Howard, Ed Liao, Penny Mackaig, Timothy Mozia, Helen Remigio, Marion Smith, Elcee Teng, Yvette Velarde

Guest: Sabrina Warrington, Manager, IT Help Desk

Tim Farris chaired the meeting.

IT Help Desk

  • Tim distributed a one-year-old roster of CMS Project functional analysts that has been serving as contact information for help desk consultants. Steve Waterhouse, who no longer works at CSUDH, is shown as the Student Records analyst; that will be changed to Danielle Brinney and Kimberly Carpenter. Helen Remigio is the contact person for Campus Community. Though listed with SA Recruitment, Helen says that module has never been implemented. [Note correct spelling of Helen's last name: Remigio.]
  • With a single analyst's name assigned to a module, Sabrina reports that a help desk ticket could sit untended for a week or two if the analyst were on vacation. More recently tickets are assigned to groups (e.g., AIS), where any member of the group can view and work on a ticket.
  • Elcee reports that the most common reason for Payroll to contact the help desk is because of a locked PeopleSoft (PS) account. This is time critical if a student worker's account is locked, since the student usually has a deadline in which s/he can report time worked. Sabrina notes that some help desk consultants now have access to the PS screen in which an account is unlocked, facilitating the unlocking of an account. Note: A person can be locked out from the network for 10 minutes or MyCSUDH forever (until the account is unlocked).
  • Call x2500 if there is an emergency, such as the payroll emergency listed above, to report. Contact Sabrina herself if you have an idea for a help desk process that should be created.
  • Students want to know how they are notified when a problem has been resolved. This has been a problem for the help desk because of the incomplete contact information that accompanies many calls to the help desk. E.g., a student may leave a campus office extension as the telephone number and be away from that number when the case is resolved. Soon, student information will be auto-populated into a HelpWeb ticket based upon student ID number. This will help the communications problem.

Banner Read-Only

  • No complaints were stated regarding the change for most Banner users to read-only status.
  • Tim asks that you let him know when someone who currently has update access can be converted to read-only access.

PS Status

  • Elcee points out the problem of having to log into Windows first in order to activate your PS account, requiring that some people use someone else's Windows-known machine in order to do the activation. When Bich-Dao Huynh issues a temporary password, the password works for DHNet and MyCSUDH but not Windows.
  • Timothy notes that Extended Education has teachers living around the world who have no use for campus e-mail accounts, yet they currently have to request an e-mail account in order to gain access to MyCSUDH and Blackboard (via the LDAP). He suggests that part-time faculty be allowed to request LDAP accounts without having to request e-mail accounts.
  • Connie asks, Why is PS so slow? Helen and Elcee echo that sentiment.
    • Jim Bersig asked Elcee to document the screen name plus the time to process a completed screen to serve as evidence if we want to escalate a complaint about speed.
    • Elcee indicates that Wednesday morning is always slow as a result of scheduled jobs run on Tuesday nights.
    • Kim reports that Records screens are always slower in the evening.
    • James reports that it's especially awkward to have slow responses when working at Financial Aid's front counter or on the telephone with a student.
  • Former students (back to 2003) are now able to log into MyCSUDH. The original population of MyCSUDH students was current students and applicants.
  • Yvette forwarded a request from the PS Steering Committee re query training. Tim responds that he will arrange for invitation-only query training.


  • IVR has been turned off. Calls to x2000 are now directed to a phone tree at x3696. Contact Lynn Anderson if you know of problems with or have comments about the phone tree.

MyCSUDH Home Page

  • Helen asks for a change in language under the Activate your Account link. It has been saying "For Fall 2008 Applicants Only," and there are no more Fall 2008 applicants. "New users only" was suggested, reflecting the fact that new faculty also need to activate their accounts.
  • Because a MyCSUDH account can be locked after five failed attempts to log in, the following language is suggested: "Account disabled? Contact the IT Help Desk."

Faculty Self-Service [carried forward from last month]

  • Michael asked if he'll be able to see past terms in PS. Sometimes during advising he wants to see what grade he gave a student in the past.
  • The answer he received today is that he can't look up a former roster, but he can look up an individual former student. This is because the old class schedules with CRNs were not imported into PS. However, Kim can look up an old roster, so faculty should contact her if they need to see one.

LDAP Auto-Provisioning

  • LDAP auto-provisioning is now working. Helen will check with Yuki DeSoto about the time at which the process runs, to make sure it doesn't interfere with a process Helen runs at 6 p.m. Roles are recalculated every night as well.


  • Records is having trouble with the Hershey system. They have a meeting with Hershey today at 1 p.m. to resolve the problems.


  • Robert reports that the library has just transferred its bills from Banner to PS, thanks to the work of Penny X 2 (Penny Macaig and Penny Tanaka). This will enable students to pay their old library bills with toroPay.

Pharmacy Bills

  • Penny notes that the pharmacy bills have not been transferred from Banner to PS yet. This will be more complex than the library bill transfer.

Other Topics

  • Kim e-mailed the Spring 2009 Registration Calendar to the PUG mailing list on October 28. Please review the calendar and send comments/corrections to Kim.
  • Since October 25 the USPS charges 41 cents for returned 41-cent mail.
    • Helen asks about excluding a Country field when she's generating a form letter. Penny will show her how to exclude a field with MS Word's mail/merge feature.
    • Kim notes that the mail room verifies addresses electronically before they mail and that we pay for a returned mail service. The Records Office is responsible for updating student addresses, and addresses are corrected with input from the returned mail service.
    • Penny has to mail letters for past due accounts to comply with a Franchise Tax Board rule. She has to mail letters even if the student has been gone, with numerous letters bouncing, for ten years. The Cashier's office can create an account but not update one.
    • Yvette will contact Francisco Quinonez about sending a notice about this new charge to the campus.
  • Yesterday Ron Bergmann forwarded an e-mail from Tina Lee of Human Resources Management to the PUG mailing list: "Is there a policy addressing the issue of student assistants and/or graduate assistants accessing the faculty/staff modules in PeopleSoft……i.e…..HR (recruitment), Payroll, Benefits, Budget…etc…" Penny notes that student workers can assist with or research finance. Kim indicates that student workers do not access SA Finance (accounting) screens.

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 2, 10 a.m., WH 303

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