PUG Meeting Notes

October 7 , 2008

Members Present: Danielle Brinney, Diane Davison, Robert Downs, Daryl Evans, Tim Farris, Michael Galant, Delores Lee, Penny Mackaig, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Michelle Prescott, Marion Smith, Elcee Teng, Yvette Velarde, Steve Williams

Tim Farris chaired the meeting.

PeopleSoft (PS) Status

  • Tim reported that many continuing [not new] students experienced login problems at the start of the semester because of the confusion about which system (toroWeb or MyCSUDH) to use.
  • Danielle reported that permission numbers were causing great difficulty at the first new student orientation (NSO), but things improved at following NSOs as a result of a meeting of stakeholders.
  • Penny reports that many issues are resolved at the weekly SA meeting, but Yvette notes that colleges aren't represented at those meetings.
  • Several new faculty members were not able to connect to their courses at the start of the semester. The CSUDH Network Access Account Request Form [PDF] must include the person's EMPLID (called "ID" in PeopleSoft forms). A professor can connect to a course via the EMPLID found in her/his LDAP record. If LDAP does not contain the EMPLID, the connection cannot be made. Other factors:
    • Full-time faculty assignments are made through Academic Affairs Personnel Services.
    • Part-time faculty assignments are made through the college's financial manager.
    • The effective date set for the professor has to precede the start of the term.
  • Duplicate IDs continue to be a problem. Timothy and Elcee indicate that it is a training issue. Human Resources Management has created a document outlining steps to take to avoid assigning a duplicate ID.

PeopleSoft Security Administrator

  • A PeopleSoft security administrator has been hired and starts work on October 27. The person has served as PS security administrator at CSU Fullerton for two years.

Banner - Read Only

  • Banner now has read-only status, and toroWeb will be decommissioned soon. Tim distributed the mockup of a page that will be displayed if one goes to the toroWeb address after the decommission. The page will allow a continuing student who is not currently enrolled to have a role in PS and, therefore, be able to log into MyCSUDH. It will also benefit a former student who wants to access an unofficial transcript in PS. A former student will be assigned a person of interest (POI) role. Requiring a former student to actively request access to MyCSUDH relieves us from migrating all former students into the PS database. Send corrections/comments about the page mockup to Tim by October 17. The [edited] page will be posted once approved at a high level.


  • IVR will be turned off once the language recorded for the new voice response system has been approved.

Faculty Self-Service

  • Michael asks if he'll be able to see past terms in PS (answer=yes). Sometimes during advising he wants to see what grade he gave someone in the past.

Washouts (Dropped for Non-Payment)

  • The washout report used to be run after early registration, then run daily until the end of the add/drop period. This semester there has been only one washout, run on August 29.
  • Extended Ed used to run a washout report every day.
  • In Blackboard the student data is still there, but grayed out if the student is washed out. That way the student can easily be reinstated if s/he pays the bill.


  • The Hershey image database is being implemented for Financial Aid.


  • Robert reports that the library database continues to accept 98 [old] student ID numbers. Faculty and staff who check out material with new ID cards are known by their EMPLIDs. Faculty are no longer identified by Social Security numbers.

Blackboard Upgrade to New Servers

  • Blackboard will be down for a few hours soon so that data can be moved to new fast servers. Blackboard has shown very poor performance following the upgrade to new software in August. It is hoped/assumed that the transfer to new servers will allow Blackboard to operate at a reasonable pace once again. The date is to be determined, and notice of the date will be broadcast to faculty and students.

Password Changes (LDAP/Windows)

  • If you are logged into your workstation and get a dialog box saying that your password is going to expire, ignore it. That message is coming from the Windows Active Directory (AD). Instead, navigate to http://dhnet.csudh.edu/ and change your password there. Changing your password at DHNet will allow you to use the new password with all MyCSUDH, Blackboard, smart classrooms, and Outlook. Changing it in the AD does not change the password for MyCSUDH, Blackboard, or smart classrooms. Michael suggests sending an e-mail to DHEmail about this. Information is already posted at Those Pesky Passwords.

Other Topics

  • Michael suggests changes to the self-service pages in the PS Faculty Center that will enhance usability. E.g., on the roster page, he suggests changing the word "Cancel" to "Return" or "Next Class" to more accurately reflect that you've completed your task.
  • Michael has several CAMS students and he asks about their access to Blackboard and MyCSUDH. CAMS students can access courses in Blackboard, but they cannot log into MyCSUDH because CAMS wants to control their registering for courses.
  • Robert asks if PS FAQ are posted anywhere. The help he finds at Peoplebooks is too generic--doesn't include CSU mods.
    • You have to be in a form in order to see help for the form.
    • Contact Danielle if there's documentation you need.
  • Timothy suggests that PS times out too quickly--even less than 20 minutes of inactivity. You need to move your mouse in order to stop the timeout.
  • Elcee says that Foundation employees need to have some access to PS. Foundation's student assistants can log in, but the supervisors cannot. Can we add Foundation employees as POIs--at least the payroll person? Tim will call a meeting to discuss this.
  • Daryl asks about the availability of PS reports. Yvette got trained on creating reports, and she can build her own. Tim notes that there's a 3-page list of available reports. Danielle would like to see the list.
  • Elcee would like to see PS query training offered at CSUDH again. The Chancellor's Office will help pay for it if we have more than 10 attendees.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 4, 10 a.m., WH 303

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