PUG Meeting Notes

August 5 , 2008

Note: PUG will not meet in September; see you on October 7

Members Present: Jyenny Babcock, Kimberly Carpenter, Robert Downs, Tim Farris, Delores Lee, Ed Liao, Penny Mackaig, Juan Carlos Mejia, Helen Palad, Michelle Prescott, Marion Smith, Elcee Teng, Yvette Velarde, Steve Williams, Jim Woods

Tim Farris chaired the meeting.

Payroll / Personal Information

Elcee asks that all name changes be done by Payroll Services only. Recently, someone in the Financial Aid Office changed a student's name in PeopleSoft to match the name on her/his ID card. Since the payroll name must match the name on the Social Security card, it's possible that the student won't get paid following a name change in another office.

Ordinarily, a student goes to the Records Office, a staff employee goes to Human Resources, and a faculty member goes to Payroll Services to request a name change (e.g., following a marriage). In the case of the student/employee [student assistant], that person must go to Payroll, not Records, to change the name.

Helen requests that when a record is being developed for a new faculty or staff member, please include last name, first name, and Social Security number in the record. Include the latter field to distinguish between people who share names. Also, please be sure to spell names correctly.

And of course, please be sure to perform a thorough seach through the database for an existing record before creating a new record. According to Elcee, searching on SSN only is not sufficient in case there's been a typo in the SSN. Helen suggests also searching by address to avoid creating duplicate records. When a duplicate record is found in PeopleSoft, the first name is changed to "do not use" and the last name is changed to "duplicate ID" in the obsolete record.


Tim displayed the MyCSUDH home page, saying that students link directly to DHNET subpages when they click Activate your Account or Forgot Your Password. Up until now, students were taken to DHNET's home page, tellling them to Setup Security Questions or Reset Password and causing some confusion.

This week Forgot Your Username is being added to the home page.

Blackboard will be linking to the LDAP on August 11, when the upgrade to Blackboard V7.3 takes place. The University Library will link to the LDAP soon. These changes will enable a single username/password pair for a student, although single signon [not having to log in again] is still pending for PS SA. Single signon will work with PS Finance.

PS User Groups

Tim polled attendees regarding their users group memberships, with this result:

  • Helen and Jim - Admissions Users Group and Campus Community Users Group
  • Kimberly - Student Records Users Group and Campus Community Users Group
  • Jyenny - Systemwide Reporting Users Group
  • Delores - Financial Aid Users Group
  • Penny and Michelle - Student Financials Users Group
  • Tim - Technical Users Group (TUG)

Student Administration Users Group (SAUG) meets on Wednesdays. SAUG is currently discussing cross-module connections.

PUG membership: Diane Davison will be added to the PUG membership. Kim indicates that Danielle Brinney will take her place at future PUG meetings.

Attendees voted to continue meeting on a monthly basis.

PS Status

  • Penny reports that there is a possible major issue regarding the SA to Finance (specifically AP Business) interface. David Macias is working on the problem, which did not come up during testing.
  • Yvette indicates that academic scheduling does not work smoothly with event scheduling. During academic scheduling, a conflict doesn't indicate if the conflict is with an event or a class. (Other campuses have purchased 3rd party software to handle event scheduling.) Folks are coming to Yvette for event scheduling training, but she's not equipped to provide that. Vernesta Johnson, with Maria and Richard as backups, are the event scheduling people. Anh Lam and Ken Leyba of Instructional Computing have not yet received training for lab [event] scheduling. Tim will talk to Lynn Anderson about this training.
  • The consultants are leaving. Are we ready for school to start? Kim does not have adequate resources to manage the start of school. She's offering training this week but knows that many people will not take training now and will instead come to her for training when school starts, right when she and her staff are busiest preparing required reports. Kim recommends that each college have a PS training specialist.

Tim notes that Information Technology News, which will include information about MyCSUDH, will be distributed at the convocation on August 25. Kim will prepare a training flyer to be handed out with the newsletter.

PS Downtime

Kim needs to send a notice of the downtime to students and to have it posted on the MyCSUDH home page. PS will go down for an upgrade from Friday, August 29, at 5 p.m. until Sunday, August 31. It's unfortunate that this coincides with the first day of school: Saturday, August 30.

PS Printing

Bich-Dao Huynh will not be printing reports from PS.


By September 24, Banner access will be read only. Tim needs a list of people who will continue to need update access after September 24.

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 7, 10 a.m., WH 303

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