PUG Meeting Notes

July 1 , 2008

Members Present: Kimberly Carpenter, Lisa Chavez, Robert Downs, Tim Farris, Juliamin Kawibowo, Delores Lee, Penny Mackaig, Juan Carlos Mejia, Michelle Prescott, Marion Smith, Elcee Teng, Yvette Velarde, Steve Williams, Jim Woods

Tim Farris chaired the meeting.

PeopleSoft (PS) Security

Security is a major issue with the retirement of Paul Harris. Ed Liao is learning how to handle security, and Tim has permission to hire a replacement for Paul. Once hired, the new person will do only security and Ed will be backup. A big concern is that many of the Io Consulting consultants are leaving at the end of July, including portal person Ravi Madhok. Tim hopes to arrange to have Ravi back for a short time when school starts.

Please e-mail any PS security issues directly to Tim.

PS Status

  • The new student orientations (NSO) on June 20 and 21 went smoothly. Issues that came up a few weeks ago, involving incorrectly set up courses, were corrected.
  • Robert needs to have a data load set up for the library. Some students are coming to the library with CSUDH photo IDs, but they are not found in the library's database and are not able to check out material. This issue cannot be resolved by having the database refer to the LDAP until every need for Social Security numbers to identify students goes away. Tim and Robert will schedule a meeting to resolve this issue.
  • Faculty and staff can get photo IDs at HRM.
  • Yvette reports that while the Spring 2009 class schedule is being built, it is visible in MyCSUDH. Can that view be turned off until the schedule is final?
  • Penny is concerned about the currency of calendars, fees, and fee due dates. Yvette notes that the official calendar has been late the last couple of years, but it is the calendar that should drive the catalog and class schedule calendars. The official calendar starts with Gus Martin, Academic Affairs Personnel Services, then goes through the following approvals in this order: Academic Senate, Chancellor's Office, CSUDH president. Yvette serves on the University Web Calendar Committee, but she has suggested to David Karber, interim vice provost, that someone else should represent Academic Affairs on the committee.
  • Delores reports that we've adopted a new grant program that is not supported by PeopleSoft. It appears that we will have to write a new systemwide mod for PS to support the program.

PS Training

PS classes are posted at PeopleSoft Training for Employees. A summer calendar is being developed but is not available yet. However, class descriptions are posted and will not change. General PS query is included in the overview class.

PS Testing

Tim will develop a testing signoff with Yuki DeSoto before the consultants leave. Lisa warns that when her area was audited, the auditors wanted to see testing scripts for PS Financials and HCM.


Auto-provisioning will be implemented by the end of next week. Khiem Ha is doing the work. Yuki is currently doing the provisioning by hand.


Version 7.3 is being tested. It will communicate with the LDAP, meaning that when a student changes a password, Blackboard will recognize the change right away, rather than waiting 24 to 48 hours for a transfer from Banner to Blackboard. August 11 is the official release date for V7.3, with the LDAP feature, at CSUDH.

Hershey Technologies

Delores is looking forward to the implementation of Hershey for financial aid.

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 5, 10 a.m., WH 303

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