PUG Meeting Notes

February 3, 2009

Members Present: Danielle Brinney, Kim Carpenter, Tim Farris, Michael Galant, Penny Mackaig, Brandy McLelland, Timothy Mozia, Marion Smith, Lisa Stallworth, Elcee Teng, Yvette Velarde

Tim Farris chaired the meeting.

User Group Reports

  • Penny reports that we have the SFSU message broker customization, but Gary Lo is not using it.
  • Dates and part-time faculty -
  • New hire process - Elcee notified Ron Bergmann during the second week of January that Adria Edwards had finished testing the process. Elcee has heard no response.
  • SRUG - Brandy needs to add people to the mailing list.


  • Maintenance pack 2 (MP2) will be launched tonight. There will be additional patches in the next two or three months.
  • Brandy says Touchnet needs to be moved to the TST database for effective testing. All testing will be done with TST for the time being.
  • When new patches arrive, PUG members will be notifed that TST will be wiped clean and rebuilt with the new patches.

ASI Request for Links

  • Marion reported for Ronnell Hampton, director of student services for ASI, who requests that the following links be added to the portal for the benefit of students:
    • Campus master calendar
    • Student Development's job listings
    • ASI Book Swap
  • Re the master calendar: We don't have one, though we may be getting one in the future. Once we have a master calendar, attendees suggested having a link on the portal home page for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Re the other links: Such links are already present on the ASI Web site. The committee suggests adding a link to ASI on the student page. Marion has contacted Ronnell, asking him if this solution satisfies him. An overriding concern from the PUG side is that we don't want to have so many links on the portal pages that people ignore all of them.
  • Regarding the My University and My Life graphics on portal pages, these could link to intermediate pages (called My University and My Life) where there could be an array of links, including those requested by Ronnell. Marion will mock up such pages for the next PUG meeting.


  • Students have access to toroWiki, which currently primarily answers questions about toroMail. Marion provided a brief tour of toroWiki, asking PUG members to submit questions and answers to be added to the wiki to her. One immediate suggestion was to add a prominent line saying, "Need help with registration? Telephone 310-243-3608."

The IT Help Desk Requests...

  • The 3-5 most common questions you are asked by students and faculty. Your answers will expand the help desk knowledge base.
  • Brandy suggests looking at the good portal knowledge bases at SLO, San Jose, and San Bernardino and incorporating some of their ideas into the help desk knowledge base and toroWiki.
  • Tim will talk to the help desk about the possibility of adding some voice resonses to the primary phone number. E.g., "Having trouble registering? Press 1."
  • Brandy was asked about adding telephone numbers to the message catalog. She warns that a message catalog mod is a mod that is overwritten each time central CMS updates the catalog. Messages that are appended are not overwritten.

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 10 a.m., WH 303

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