PUG Meeting Notes

December 4 , 2007

Members Present: Christina Baltazar, Kimberly Carpenter, Yuki DeSoto, Tim Farris, Tomoko Fukuda, Mike Galant, Delores Lee, Penny Mackaig, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Helen Palad, Michelle Prescott, Marion Smith, Yvette Velarde, Steve Williams, Jim Woods

ID Cards - Tim Farris

New ID cards, containing PS EmplID rather than Social Security number, will be issued to all current faculty and staff. They'll be either mailed to employees or handed out at the January 24 convocation.

Student Passwords - Tim Farris

Marion has had an upsurge in calls from students about "activating" their accounts. These are students who have just been admitted for the Fall 2008, and their letters of admission or conditional admission instruct them to activate their accounts at DHNet via the new PS portal. Friday and Monday Marion received calls from students saying that after picking complex passwords, they get an error saying that the "username not found in the AD." It turns out that they should not be getting this message--that their account activation was actually successful. We'll work with Edgar Lazarian to change or delete the message to students.

This is not a major problem yet; that is, the number of new admits contacting Marion is very low compared to the number of letters that were mailed.

Also in the last week Marion received queries from two students asking about a password containing letters and digits--neither the 6-digit toroWeb/toroMail/Blackboard password nor the new complex password. It turns out, students were issued new passwords to be used with a Blackboard wiki, and this is the alphanumeric non-complex password. Marion asks that anyone who issues passwords for new applications to students let her know since she's the one who gets calls from students about any password problems.

Marion will add a FAQ about the bogus AD error to toroWiki.

PeopleSoft - Tim Farris

  • Delores (Financial Aid) will perform an ISO upload on February 15. She will provide training for this.
  • Helen (Admissions) reports that PS has processed 7,900 applications (for Fall 2008) with 3,200 still in the queue to be downloaded from CSU Mentor. After processing, a letter goes out to the applicant; 3,600 of the letters specified missing documentation. The whole process is running smoothly.
  • Timothy (Extended Education) is working with Student Financials and Records.
  • Penny (Accounting) indicates that a manual application feed process works fine. An automated process is failing, and no one knows why yet. The problem is being looked at.
  • Kimberly (Records) reports that her go-live is in March. Steve Waterhouse is working on user roles. The biggest job right now is fixing enrollment errors.
  • Mike (Foreign Languages faculty) graciously volunteered [again] to be a faculty guinea pig for PS tasks such as filling out a request for an account, advising a student, etc.
  • Yvette (Class Schedule) reports that the Fall 2008 schedule went into production two weeks ago. She's been trained to add course fees to the module. There were some login issues related to roles, but they are now fixed.
  • Jim (SA Project Manager) announces a PeopleSoft Town Hall in LUSU next Tuesday, December 11, 10-11 a.m. The agenda includes a status report, a list of accomplishments, and questions and answers. Handouts will be prepared. This will be the first of a series of town halls to be offered every six weeks or so. Jim B., Jim W., Tim, and Marion provided a project overview to the Academic Senate on November 7.

Hershey Technologies - Tim Farris

A contract for a Hershey Imaging System, to be used by HRM, Procurement, Financial Aid, and Admissions & Records was signed, and the product will be ordered.

TouchNet - Tim Farris

Because of PCI compliance issues [requiring an audit four times/year plus reports], our TouchNet hardware, except for cashiers' stations, will be hosted at TouchNet in Kansas instead of on campus.

HelpWeb - Tim Farris

HelpWeb, a one-stop shop for IT support, will be released soon.

Vacations - Tim Farris

  • Bich-Dao Huynh was out last week, and printer jobs stacked up as a result of that. Now Lawrie Morey and our front office student assistant Mark will be Bich's backups for printer jobs. Lawrie will also be Bich's backup for scanner jobs. Marion will back up Bich's security tasks.
  • Paul Harris is now on vacation until January. Ed Liao is Paul's backup.
  • IT's operator Bruce Gemmell retired recently. With this redistribution of Bruce's tasks, a replacement for Bruce will not be hired.


  • Timothy wants to meet with Tim to discuss the grades mailer.
  • Helen is receiving CMS user account request forms from untrained people. She requests that a business process for user accounts be written. A committee to write a CMS user account request business process was convened. Volunteers are Helen, Yvette, Tim, Timothy, Christina, and Marion. Steve Waterhouse and Ed Liao [in lieu of the vacationing Paul Harris] will be recruited.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 5, 10 a.m., in WH 303.

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