PUG Meeting Notes

November 6 , 2007

Members Present: Christina Baltazar, Kimberly Carpenter, Tim Farris, Mike Galant, Timothy Mozia, Marion Smith, Yvette Velarde, Steve Williams, Jim Woods

ID Cards - Tim Farris

All current faculty and staff will be issued new ID cards with the next paycheck. Old/current ID cards included social security numbers. The PeopleSoft (PS) EmplID will be embedded in the new cards instead. Tim and Jim are working on this together. Tim will work with the library also, so that employees can use the new ID cards there.

Mirapoint [toroMail] - Tim Farris

Yuki ran a Banner extract that produced a list of about 20,000 individuals who applied to the university but either didn't complete the admissions process or didn't register for classes--over two years ago. The accounts will be deleted, since our contract with Mirapoint limits our number of accounts to 50,000, and we are approaching that limit.

PeopleSoft Admissions Rollout - Tim Farris

Jim reports that 3,000 individuals, 700 of whom are first-time freshmen, have applied for admission for Fall 2008. This is the first population to be admitted through PeopleSoft rather than Banner. Admissions staff like the new program, and things are going smoothly.

Timothy indicates he needs to run a report capturing some of this new information and that he included the corresponding Banner report name on the list being accumulated by Yuki. Tim told Timothy to send an e-mail to Helen Palad, indicating the report/data he needs, and cc: Tim for follow-up.

As of today, applicants can access the PeopleSoft portal (http://my.csudh.edu). The first task is to change the 6-digit "access code" to a complex password. Current students continue to use those 6-digit codes as passwords for toroWeb, toroMail, and Blackboard. At the start of the Fall 2008 semester, all students will be using complex passwords to access the portal, toroMail, and Blackboard. Tim will talk to Edgar Lazarian about this cutover from 6-digit to complex passwords, and Tim will send details in an e-mail to PUG.

HelpWeb - Tim Farris

Tim displayed a beta version of HelpWeb, a new front-end for the IT Help Desk's Heat software that will enable PeopleSoft users to request help online. The user's information (e.g., name, extension) will be populated into the request from LDAP. Once submitted, the data will go to Heat, which will in turn enter new data into its own database.

One benefit of HelpWeb will be the automatic assignment of a ticket to a support person. E.g., if you indicate in HelpWeb that you're having trouble with PS SA, Heat will e-mail the ticket to the PS SA functional analyst for resolution.

Another benefit is that a user can look up the status of her/his outstanding tickets on HelpWeb.

HelpWeb will be live in the next week or two.

Timothy, Tim, and Joli Brown will meet to finalize the options in the Technical Issues box. Currently, Extended Ed is not shown as one of the options, and it should be in order for EE tickets to be directed to Glenn Masuda.

PeopleSoft 101 - A slide show for faculty - Tim Farris

PUG attendees got to see a PeopleSoft 101 PowerPoint show Tim prepared for the November 7 meeting of the Academic Senate. It's a brief overview of the CMS Project, including tasks faculty have performed with Banner and project timelines. With its Web-basis, faculty will be using PS for all activities previously handled with Banner and toroWeb beginning with the Fall 2008 semester.

Knowing that there are many references to http://toroweb.csudh.edu/ on the university Web site and in publications, the URL will become an alias for PS.

Yvette points out that CRN (course reference number), used in the slides, is an outdated acronym. That data is called "class number" in PS.

Request for CMS User ID: The slide show included screen shots of the Request for CMS User ID [PDF] form. Yvette indicates that she has done PS training, and inevitably, the new PS users are unable to successfully complete the form in its current configuration. [This notetaker agrees completely, even though she's the author of the form.] Yvette and Patti Courtois of the CMS office have had to make many corrections on submitted forms, and Yvette warns that problems will multiply as the campus develops more and more PS users. Though the CMS (PeopleSoft) Accounts Web site contains some explanatory information, Yvette suggests creating a second page of explanatory material. Tim, Yvette, Patti, and Marion will meet to develop a user-friendlier account request form. Michael volunteered to be our faculty "guinea pig" for determining the clarity of the new account request form.

Project timeline: Regarding the timeline shown on a slide, Kimberly says some of the dates are incorrect. Timothy indicates that Extended Ed needs to be able to enter/review grades in August 2008, rather than the December 2008 shown in the timeline. Jim will e-mail a revised timeline to the PUG mailing list.

Hershey Technologies - Tim Farris

A contract for a Hershey Imaging System, to be used by HRM, Procurement, Financial Aid, and Admissions & Records is being planned. A&R is a current Hershey user, and it is hoped that its use by additional departments will result in a better price.


  • Steve asks that Blackboard be an agenda item at the next PUG meeting. There are issues for Blackboard related to students' moving from six-digit to complex passwords.
  • Yvette has had to hold back the production of the Fall 2008 class schedule because of footnote questions. Hybrid courses will be clearly identified as such in the class schedule.
  • Last week Kimberly sent a mass mailing to students from her office. Several of the bounced mails were from Yahoo, indicating that although the ability to auto-forward mail was turned off in toroMail, some student e-mail is nonetheless being forwarded to non-campus accounts.
  • The new portal invites applicants to set their e-mail addresses. Since the university does not e-mail anything to applicants and because we do not allow students to enter personal e-mail addresses into toroWeb, he requests that the portal's invitation to set an e-mail address disappear.

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 4, 10 a.m., in the IT conference room.

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