PUG Meeting Notes

October 2, 2007

Members Present: Christina Baltazar, Lisa Chavez, Yuki DeSoto, Tim Farris, Dorothy Fisher, Mike Galant, Delores Lee, Ed Liao, Gary Lo, Penny Mackaig, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Michelle Prescott, Marion Smith, Yvette Velarde, Steve Williams, Jim Woods

Guest: Lui Amador, coordinator of the CSUDH Multicultural Center

Rename Committee - Tim Farris

Following a lively election, this group is now known as the PeopleSoft Users Group (PUG). Yuki, a pug owner, volunteered to create a logo for the group. PUG's initial roster is comprised of members of the now inactive Banner Implementation Group (BIG).

New Banner Hold - Lui Amador

Lui indicates that the Multicultural Center (MCC) has a nice library of materials that can be checked out. However, some materials are never returned, and some are simply stolen. He's asking that an MCC hold be created when material is not returned.

There are two issues with this:

  • Some of the material is purchased with state money, and some is purchased with ASI money. Lisa indicates that since ASI is a separate 501(c)(3), the state is not able to place holds on ASI-owned items. We do have a hold that can be placed when an ASI-purchased laptop is not returned, but this is possible because ASI has donated the laptops to the state.
  • Lui would have to specify the consequences of an MCC hold: withholding transcripts, graduation, registration, or perhaps the hold would just produce warning messages. Yuki will send Lui a list of current holds and consequences. The hold, if approved by PUG, will not involve collections.

Tim and Lui will meet with the CSUDH attorney [Erika Kleiman at the Chancellor's Office] to discuss the implementation of an MCC hold.

How does PeopleSoft (PS) handle holds? Service indicators, using our Banner codes, are set up for holds.

Oracle 9i to 10g Upgrade - Tim Farris

To accomodate changes to federal financial aid, Gary will soon be upgrading our Oracle version from 9i to 10g. To prepare for the upgrade, he needs to take a snapshot of the current database at midnight on Saturday, October 13. It should take four to five hours. No jobs can run during the snapshot.

Banner Decommission - Tim Farris

Yvette indicates many people in colleges are concerned about PS because they've not heard much news. They know there will be changes. E.g., PS doesn't offer a prerequisite override, as Banner does. Will there be training? Dorothy says faculty will want to know of a contact person who can help them.

Yvette says users are finding the request for CMS User ID form especially confusing. Who signs where? Marion notes that there's explanatory information (as best she knows it) at http://www.csudh.edu/infotech/ais/peoplesoft_accounts.asp. If you have improvements or additions for that page, or any part of the CMS Web site, please let her know.

Tim asks that we e-mail specific concerns to him, and he will see that some training becomes available.

ID Cards - Tim Farris

Faculty and staff will get new ID cards, which will be encoded with PS EMPLIDs rather than Social Security numbers. Mark Seigle and Boice Bowman are working out the details.

For over a year now, students have been issued 9-digit student ID numbers beginning with 98 for them to use in lieu of Social Security numbers. Beginning with Fall 2008 admissions, students will receive EMPLIDs in place of the 98 numbers. 98 numbers will continue to be valid, and continuing students will not need new ID cards.

Mirapoint [toroMail] - Tim Farris

Our contract with Mirapoint is for a maximum of 50,000 students, of which 18,000 can be active users. We are now reaching the 50,000 marker, so we must delete some accounts. Yuki proposes deleting records belonging to students who were admitted but never registered for classes. If they register in the future, they will be issued the same username they now have, but their mailboxes will be empty.

Marion says that she is getting very few calls and e-mails asking for help with toroMail. She considers it a stable system and very beneficial that students use the same username and password pairs with toroWeb, toroMail, and Banner.

PS Interface and Reports - Tim Farris

Yuki has requested lists of Banner reports that need to be implemented in PS from BIG members. She will now send out her list of PS reports. Some reports can be replaced by queries, but some may need to be rewritten. Please review Yuki's list when you receive it, to make sure the list is not missing a report you will need. Even if you're planning to write your own query, please let Yuki know about it so efforts will not be duplicated.

Institutional Research had a concern about its reports, but the concern is taken care of now.


  • Admissions went live yesterday. A few problems with permissions have been taken care of, and the module will be in production starting tomorrow.
  • Student financials went live yesterday. It, too, had problems, and it's not ready to go into production.
  • The TouchNet test environment is up now. Processes include cashiering, payment gateway, and marketplace. TouchNet will go live soon. Lisa is hoping that because of the work involved in providing local security for banking information we will pay to have TouchNet host the system.

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 6, 10 a.m.

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