PUG Meeting Notes

June 3 , 2008

Members Present: Jyenny Babcock [for Roger Reed], Kimberly Carpenter, Lisa Chavez, Tim Farris, Ed Liao, Mike Galant, Delores Lee, Penny Mackaig, Juan Carlos Mejia, Timothy Mozia, Helen Palad, Michelle Prescott, Marion Smith, Elcee Teng, Yvette Velarde, Steve Williams

Tim Farris chaired the meeting.

PeopleSoft (PS) Registration

Yvette reports that some faculty members are complaining that they can't see advising screens. She's referring them to the person(s) who trained them.

Timothy reports that people are being timed out before the stated 20 minutes. IO Consultant Ravi Madhok says that if you open a new screen, the timer is still counting on the first screen, so you might time out much earlier than expected. Can the time be bumped up to 45 minutes? Probably not, since this is a systemwide, not local, variable.

Kim reports that students are confused because using permission numbers for summer school is different from using permission numbers for the fall semester. In the latter case, the class number has to be entered with the permission number.

PeopleSoft Advising

Elcee is seeing many students who have a [positive] service indicator telling them to go to Payroll--and they don't in fact have to go to Payroll. This includes students who are not even CSUDH employees. Lisa asks if we can get a list of all service indicators with a notation of whether they are positive [won't hold up registration] or negative [may hold up registration]. Helen notes that all employees have positive indicators. Kim will prepare the list for PUG.

New Student Orientation (NSO)

Kim reports that last Saturday's NSO went very well. PeopleSoft screens appear to be quite intuitive. Most of the problems had to do with forgotten passwords. Other problems were encountered by students needing remediation. Kim expects that communications will be ironed out for the next NSO.

Wait Lists

Yvette indicates that in the past, wait lists were removed two weeks before the first day of school, and manual wait lists were distributed to colleges. This allowed Financial Aid and Student Financials to manage financial aid awards, get checks in the mail, and accept payments before the first day of school. However, the Enrollment Management Policy Council (EMPC) changed that deadline to the day before school starts, which is the day checks are mailed. This causes confusion because a student may not know how many units s/he is taking and therefore how much is owed in tuition. Further, PS allows a student to join a wait list for more than one section of a class, possibly throwing off the number of enrollees for a section. There's also a problem of having time to notify a student that s/he is enrolled in a class and giving the student time to pay the bill. But the worst scenario is this: It's possible for a student to receive a financial aid award of several thousand dollars in the mail, then drop all of her/his classes and never enroll for the semester. This puts the university at risk with federal regulations regarding federal financial aid. I.e., checks are mailed Friday morning and students can drop classes Friday and Saturday, getting money for classes they aren't taking. This is further complicated by the fact that since 2001, refunds for dropped classes are prorated.

How does the admissions deadline correspond to all of this?

PUG members who are attending this afternoon's EMPC meeting plan to bring this topic up for discussion. They will suggest that students can add but not drop classes beginning with the Tuesday before the first day of school (Saturday).

Timothy indicates that Extended Education does not want wait lists deleted. Can some accommodation be made for EE?

Hershey Technologies

Tim reports that Ed is installing Hershey this week and will demonstrate it for PUG. The Office of Financial Aid is the office that uses Hershey. By the end of the month Hershey will supply a free package to us, allowing one to click an icon and see personalized information on the screen. (The package scrapes the screen to produce the personal information.)


Tim reports that testing of the Blackboard upgrade with the LDAP is going well.


  • Tim handed out a page of the PS Find an Instructor screen. The screen includes faculty and students. Mike then logged in to see if he could locate a student's current courses from this screen, and he can (with a few clicks).

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 1, 10 a.m. Location TBA.

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