PUG Meeting Notes

February 5, 2008

Members Present: Brenda Blow [for Timothy Mozia], Kimberly Carpenter, Lisa Chavez, Robert Downs, Tim Farris, Tomoko Fukuda, Mike Galant, Delores Lee, Penny Mackaig, Juan Carlos Mejia, Marion Smith, Lisa Stallworth [for Roger Reed], Steve Williams

ID Cards - Tim Farris

New ID cards, containing PS EmplID rather than Social Security number, were issued with the most recent paycheck. The library will accept the new cards starting this week. Future ID photos will show the EmplID.

  • Robert asked if the EmplID can be prominently displayed on new cards. This would help library staff.
  • Mike pointed out that Payroll still uses/requests Social Security numbers. Lisa says that a solution to this is in progress.

Staff/Student Usernames - Tim Farris

Staff members who are also students will continue to use their student usernames and passwords for their student-related activities (toroWeb, toroMail, Blackboard). They'll use their staff network IDs and complex passwords for everything else.

Kim reports that there are a number of students having two unique 98 numbers. The problem is being fixed.

Banner - Tim Farris

We must upgrade Banner, but we need a new compiler first. We are looking for a window in the PeopleSoft implementation in which to do the testing of the Banner upgrade. Changes are minimal, and the software will be up and ready for testing soon.

Hershey Technologies - Tim Farris

A contract for a Hershey Imaging System, to be used by HRM, Procurement, Financial Aid, and Admissions & Records was signed. Tim isn't sure of the status of the order.

TouchNet - Tim Farris

Because of PCI compliance issues [requiring an audit four times/year plus reports], our current TouchNet hardware, except for cashiers' stations, will be hosted at TouchNet in Kansas instead of on campus.

Summer registration will be handled in Banner. Fall registration will be handled in PeopleSoft.

Standing at a cashier's window, a student needs to know the term s/he is dealing with, and they don't always know. The online systems will figure that out for the student.

Students can pay for parking online beginning with the Summer 2008 term. Currently, about 6,000 permits are issued to students per term, and about 5,000 of the students come to a Cashier's Office window to pay for and pick up the permits. (The other 1,000 bought their permits more than one week before school started, and we were able to mail permits to them.) It was very helpful, from the standpoint of distributing students at the windows to more days, that permits weren't required the first week of school this semester. Once the permits are available online, the Cashier's Office will have a will-call window or something to speed up the distribution of parking permits.

The Cashier's Office has three new PCs, with two more on back order.

Communications - Tim Farris

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): President Garcia is being approached to discontinue IVR for the Fall 2008 semester instead of the Fall 2009 semester. It will be discussed at the EMPC meeting either today or in two weeks.
  • Kiosks: The kiosk at Extended Ed is the only one that is currently working. All three will be removed from campus soon. Tim will work out a removal schedule for the EE kiosk with Timothy Mozia.
  • President Garcia wants callers to the campus to get a live response from a person no matter what.

HelpWeb - Tim Farris

HelpWeb, a one-stop shop for IT support, is now live and working well. The PeopleSoft portal and the university's main Web page link to HelpWeb.

Blackboard/LDAP - Tim Farris

There's a meeting today about connecting Blackboard to the LDAP. Passwords are embedded in Banner but not PeopleSoft, so PS will be unable to send student passwords to Blackboard. The connection must be in place by August.

Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) Survey - Tim Farris

A new online PTE survey form is being developed. Students will be e-mailed a link to use to complete the evaluation for each course. Results will be directed to a database. Action item: Let Tim know if you're willing to be on a committee to discuss issues such as how to get students to actually complete a form when they're not sitting in class.

Note: With the retirement [and no replacement] of operator Bruce Gemmell last summer, we've lost the ability to hand Bruce a stack of papers and ask him to scan them into a report. Tim is thinking of moving the scanner outside of the locked computer room so that it can become self-service.

Student Administration Training - Tim Farris

A Request for CMS Student Administration Financial Aid User ID form was distributed. One has to be trained on a module in order to gain access to it. For Financial Aid, a user may have several page 2s, each signed by trainers who are authorizing access.

Kim asked how users will be scheduled into classes. Will they register through PeopleSoft? She points out that navigation and academic structure training would apply to all Student Administration users.

Forms will be provided at training sessions.

Invitations will be e-mailed to PeopleSoft users, indicating who needs to take the training and what will be covered.

Kim notes that we'll have the ability in PeopleSoft Self Service to see what training we need in order to use PeopleSoft.

Lisa [from IRAP] asked, "What training do I need?"

Kim says that training will be offered according to roles, e.g., department secretary, housing/library/Student Health Center, and faculty.


  • Kim says that a letter will be mailed to continuing students next week, informing them of PeopleSoft implementation dates of particular interest to them.
  • Quick links to toroWeb and MyCSUDH have to be added to the university home page. Action item: Marion will call a meeting of Ravi Madhock (IO Consulting), Kim, and Tim to discuss the quick links.
  • Kim says that some Fall 2008 special sessions classes start in April.
  • Mike asked when he will be able to see his Fall 2008 schedule.
  • Transitions:
    • Starting August 1, some current Banner users will have read-only access.
    • Banner balances will be sent to PeopleSoft in October. Letters to students talking about financial balances due now should be clear that only the Fall 2008 balance is shown.

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 4, 10 a.m., in WH 303.

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