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Copyright Training 

Doesn’t the Fair Use Doctrine cover material I put on my course website or on eReserve? Can I share music I purchased with my friends? Does the recent “jailbreak” ruling affect the University? To get the answers to these and other questions, come to Copyright 101, a painless one-hour introduction to copyright law.

CSUDH faculty, students, and staff are welcome at this free seminar, which is designed for both content creators and content consumers. View the Copyright 101 slide show [PowerPoint].

Accessible technology and copyright law are not always compatible. View the Accessible Technology v. Copyright Law [PowerPoint] slide show [opens in new window].

Check out "A Fair(y) User Tale [Video]" on YouTube, a light-hearted 10-minute overview of copyright and fair use. See other online copyright training elsewhere in this copyright Web site.


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