Broadcast/Webcast of Commencement

TV Broadcast

The Commencement Ceremonies will be broadcast live on cable television.  The ceremonies can be seen on cable television Channel 6 and 29 in the South Bay and cable television Channel 35 in Carson.  The ceremonies cannot be see on satellite television, such as DirecTV and Dish TV.

Internet Webcast

The ceremonies can also be viewed live on the Internet at Internet viewers will need to download Silverlight, a free web-browser plug-in that enables interactive media.

An alternate Flash webcast is also available at Download the most recent version of the free Adobe Flash Player.

Internet viewers can try to login to prior to the ceremonies.  If you cannot connect or if you cannot see and/or hear the streaming program (Silverlight or Flash) call the Distance Learning office at 310.243.2288 or send an email to for assistance.

Internet viewers will be able to login to a chat room and communicate with other commencement viewers during the ceremony.

Archived Webcasts

Each of the commencement ceremonies will be archived and available for viewing at shortly after the conclusion of the ceremony.