Blue colored walkway


Dean’s Office, COE 1490 (310) 243-3510

Dawn Cook, Assistant to the Dean
Lauren Ansorge, Academic Resource Manager
Shirley Arceneaux, Administrative Analyst
Kim Barras, Administrative Analyst

Admissions Unit, SCC 510 (310) 243-3530

Jeanette Perez, Admissions Evaluator
Maribel Garcia-Vera, Admissions Evaluator

Credentials Unit, SCC 510 (310) 243-3353

Karen Carpenter, Credential Analyst
Carolyn Parker, Credential Analyst


Evaluation Center, SCC 510 (310) 243-2147

Ashley McClenahan, Student Assistant and Data Entry, Ext. 2147

Elena Harrold, Lead Data Entry and Analysis Assistant, Ext. 3348

Erin Johnson, Assessment Analyst, Ext. 3740

Graduate Education, COE 1410 (310) 243-3524

Donna Alderman, Administrative Support
Judy Radeke, Administrative Support

Liberal Studies, SCC 540 (310) 243-3832

Jheri Crisostomo, Program Advisor
Diana Lopez, Administrative Support

Teacher Education, COE 1401 (310) 243-3496

Multiple Subject/Single Subject

Elena Howard, Administrative Support

Special Education, (310) 243-2569

Hasina Zaman, Administrative Support