Blue colored walkway


Dean’s Office, COE 1490 (310) 243-3510

Dawn Cook, Assistant to the Dean
Lauren Ansorge, Academic Resource Manager
Shirley Arceneaux, Administrative Analyst
Kim Barras, Administrative Analyst

Admissions Unit, SCC 510 (310) 243-3530

Jeanette Perez, Admissions Evaluator
Maribel Garcia-Vera, Admissions Evaluator

Credentials Unit, SCC 510 (310) 243-3353

Karen Carpenter, Credential Analyst
Carolyn Parker, Credential Analyst


Evaluation Center, SCC 510 (310) 243-2147

Elena Harrold, Lead Data Entry and Analysis Assistant, Ext. 3348

Erin Johnson, Assessment Analyst, Ext. 3740

Graduate Education, COE 1410 (310) 243-3524

Donna Alderman, Administrative Support
Judy Radeke, Administrative Support

Liberal Studies, SCC 540 (310) 243-3832

Jheri Crisostomo, Program Advisor
Diana Lopez, Administrative Support

Teacher Education, COE 1401 (310) 243-3496

Multiple Subject/Single Subject

Elena Howard, Administrative Support

Special Education, (310) 243-2569

Hasina Zaman, Administrative Support