PPS Flatsheet

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M.A. in Education, Counseling Option
Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential in School Counseling
Child Welfare and Attendance Specialization

M.A. in Education, Counseling Option (48-51 units) 
The Counseling Option program prepares candidates for careers in a variety of counseling organizations, such as two and four year colleges and universities and public and private service agencies.  The program is designed to provide candidates with a broad conceptual knowledge base and the development of specific counseling skills applicable to a diversity of populations and counseling areas. The program stresses the importance of self-awareness, reflective examination, and interpersonal respect in order to best assist those whom we serve.

M.A. candidates often concurrently pursue the Pupil Personnel Services credential which is required to function as a school counselor in the public schools.

School Counseling Credential (51 units) with Child Welfare and Attendance (57 units) 
The PPS Credential in School Counseling prepares candidates with the knowledge and skills to promote the academic, social-emotional, and career development of multi-cultural and linguistically diverse pupils in the public schools.  The Child Welfare and Attendance Specialization authorizes work specifically related to student attendance and truancy prevention and remediation.

Prerequisite Course – 3 units  (for PPS credential only)
SPE 460.          Introduction to Special Education (3)

Preliminary Course – 3 units
PPS 525.          Group Dynamics for Personal Growth (3)
(This must be completed with a grade of “CR” to be fully admitted into the program)

The following courses may be taken in any order unless a prerequisite(s) is listed:

Core Courses – 9 units 
GED 500.          Research Methods in Education (3)
GED 501.          Seminar in Learning and Development (3)
GED 503.          Socio-Cultural Issues in Education (3) (for MA degree only)

Foundations – 18 units

PPS 505.          Human Diversity (3)
PPS 508.          Multicultural and Legal Issues in Counseling and School Psychology (3)
PPS 512.          Consultation and Collaboration in Multicultural Settings (3)
PPS 515.          Counseling Theories (3)
PPS 520.          Principles of Education and Psychological Assessment (3)
PPS 535.          Seminar in Career and Vocational Guidance (3)

Advanced Counseling – 15 units

PPS 530.          Seminar in Techniques of Individual Counseling (3) (Prereq. 515)
PPS 554.          Counseling Practicum (3) (PPS 530 is to be taken before or with PPS 554)
PPS 540.          Seminar in Techniques of Group Counseling (3) (Prereqs. 515 and 530)
PPS 545.          Counseling Children, Youth and Families (3) (Prereqs. 515 and 530)
PPS 550.          Violence Prevention and Crisis Intervention (3)

Capstone Requirement (3-6 units) (for MA degree only: MA must be completed prior to field experience)
PPS 560           MA Capstone Requirement (3): Comprehensive Exam OR
GED 599           Thesis (6)                            

Field Experience – 6 units (for PPS credential only) 
 Following MA degree completion, PPS candidates may begin Fieldwork.
PPS 575.          Fieldwork in School Counseling (6) (repeatable for a max. of 6 units)         

Child Welfare and Attendance Specialization (optional - for PPS credential candidates only) – 6 units:
PPS 557.          Child Welfare and Attendance (3)
PPS 558           School Attendance Improvement and Truancy Remediation: Prevention and Intervention (3)

Rv. 3/11

M.A. in Education, Counseling Option

Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential in School Counseling 
Admission Requirements for the Master’s degree and PPS Credential program:

I.  University Application Procedures

▪   Apply to the University through  www.csumentor.edu/AdmissionApp/

▪   Submit one official sealed set of transcripts showing your Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and any post-baccalaureate work to:  CSUDH Office of Admissions & Records, 
1000 E. Victoria St., Carson, CA 90747.

II.  Program Application Requirements

Submit the following program documents to the CSUDH Student Services Center, 
SCC 510, 1000 E. Victoria St., Carson, CA 90747:

▪   Program application with check or money order for $50.00 payable to CSUDH;

▪   Transcripts: One sealed official copy of BA degree and any post-baccalaureate or graduate work accompanying the program application;

▪   A minimum of 3.0 or better grade point average in the last 60 units of upper division undergraduate or graduate coursework (or, a minimum combined score of 1000 on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Verbal and Quantitative Tests (note: as of 11/2011, a min. combined score of 300 is needed on the new GRE Revised test), or a minimum score of 500 on the Miller Analogies Test);  
▪   Three (3) letters of recommendations from individuals who can evaluate your potential for graduate study as a school counselor, such as employers, supervisors, and professors.  Letters should not be from personal sources such as family, friends, or clergy.  Letters must be on official letterhead of the referee’s place of employment and be written specifically for the Counseling program within one year of application date. Letters can either be sent separately to the Student Services Ctr. address above or may be enclosed within the program application. All letters must be sealed with the referee’s signature across the back of the envelope.

▪   Statement of Purpose (2-3 pg. min.). Your statement should include: a comprehensive profile of yourself as a prospective counselor; a description of relevant educational, occupational, and personal experiences that have contributed to your personal development and your decision to become a counselor; personal strengths and areas you have identified for growth; and your perception of the role of a school or college counselor and why you believe you would be successful in this position based on your interpersonal qualities, interests, and any special skills you may possess;

▪   Personal Interview: All applications will be reviewed by the Counseling Admissions Committee to select a final round of applicants for small group interviews.  Applicants selected for interviews will be contacted in the month following the application deadline and will be notified of the interview date.  Applicants are expected to be available during the interview period as it is a required component of the application process.

▪   All applicants must enclose evidence of either a CA teaching or substitute credentialor a Certificate of Clearance. For information on how to obtain a Certificate of Clearance go to: 

▪   Applicants for the PPS Credential must also show evidence of having passed the CBEST.       

For more information please contact the
Graduate Education Office at (310) 243-3524.