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Alumni Programs

The Office of Alumni Programs works to advance the University, promote the common interest of its students and its alumni, and to serve as a liaison to the University, alumni, current student population, staff and faculty and the surrounding community. The office is the coordination hub for all programs that build greater alumni awareness, interest, and involvement with the University. The following is a brief list of some of the services the office provides:

  • Assistance with the design, management, supervision and implementation of events/programs for alumni affinity groups and campus groups. Work with various groups who have an interest in sponsoring University-related alumni events both on and off campus;
  • Update and maintain accurate information of a 74,000+ CSUDH alumni database;
  • Reconnect and recruit alumni to join the Alumni Association;
  • Recruit, train and supervise alumni and student volunteers in all aspects of alumni involvement with the University;
  • Produce and distribute correspondence to advance and build greater alumni awareness, interest, and involvement with the University;
  • Generate all required paperwork for groups sponsoring events/programs held on campus. These requests include, but are not limited to: the scheduling of facilities and facilities management, parking, food services, promotional material and publications;
  • Schedule meetings, receptions and special alumni events;
  • Review and negotiate alumni affinity benefits and discount programs available to members of the Alumni Association;
  • To ensure alumni support through gifts to the University, to enhance the resources that help us to provide an outstanding education to our students;
  • Ensure alumni representation at programs and events both on and off campus.

For more detailed information on the Office of Alumni Programs, visit the website at or contact the office at (310) 243-2237.