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Other Fees (Mandatory, User, Penalty/Deposit, and Older Adult)

Any changes in fees or new fees indicated within this Schedule of Classes or which occur subsequent to the printing of this publication are subject to the policies and procedures as stated in Executive Order #1054.

Mandatory Fees
Application Fee to the University (nonrefundable)$55.00
Course Material Fees (nonrefundable)*varies
Diploma Fees$15.00
Graduation Date Change Fee$10.00
Graduation Fees$40.00
Graduation Writing Exam Fee$35.00
Identification Card Fee (nonrefundable) for new and returning students$5.00
Lost Identification Fee$5.00
Special Test Fees**varies

* These fees are charged for certain classes in Art, Biology, Chemistry, 
English, History, Music, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Physical Education, 
Clinical Science, Health Science, and Nursing.
**A list of test fees is available in the Testing Office.

User Fees
Alumni Career Planning$60.00
Application Processing Health & Human Services$50.00
Certification of Enrollment and/or Degree Fee$4.00
Transcript Evaluation Fee for Subject Matter Competency$35.00
Transcript Evaluation Fee for Subject Matter Competency non-matriculated and 2nd Bachelor's$65.00
Credential Evaluation Fee$50.00
Preliminary Program Application Fee$50.00
Duplicate Document or Printout Fee$4.00 min
Emergency Graduation Clearance Processing Fee$10.00
Fingerprinting Fee$18.00
FBI Fingerprinting Fee$24.00
Dept. of Justice Fingerprinting Fee$32.00
Dept. of Justice Fingerprinting Fee CCLD$42.00
Installment Payment Plan
Non-Resident Installment Payment Service Charge7% of total payment plan amount
Resident Installment Payment Service Charge (nonrefundable)$33.00
International Student Matriculation & Orientation Fee$50.00
MSW Graduate Fieldwork Manual$31.00
New Orientation Fees
Freshman (includes student ID card)$87.00
Transfer (includes student ID card)$87.00
Parking Fees
Auto Decal$100.00
Two-wheeled vehicle$25.00
Daily single entry machines$5.00
Petition for Exception to University Policy$10.00
Pool Key Fob$10.00
Refund Processing Fee and Service Charge$10.00
Revised Evaluation Fee$5.00
Transcript Fees (within 10 working days)
Single Transcript$4.00
Additional transcripts prepared at the same time up to ten transcripts$2.00
Additional transcripts prepared at the same time that exceed the first ten$1.00
Emergency Transcript Processing Fee (less than 10 working days)$10.00
U.S. Constitution & CA State, Local Gov't Certification Exam$25.00
U.S. Constitution Exam for Credential Students$25.00
Penalty/Deposit Fees
Check returned for any reason*$25.00
Items lost or brokencost
Each Late Payment Fee$20.00
Library Fines**varies
Library Service Charge$20.00
Lost Books & Other Library Items***varies
Late Registration$25.00
Petition for Missed Deadlines$10.00

* Students may be disenrolled if registration fees are paid with a check
that is later returned. Checks may be referred to LA District Attorney.

** A list of overdue fines is posted at the entrance to the library on the 
2nd floor of the LIB building.

***Fee includes replacement cost plus posted service charge.

Older Adult Fee Waiver

Students sixty years of age and older may be eligible for an Older Adult Fee Waiver. To apply:

  1. Obtain a fee waiver form from the Admissions & Records office.  Applicants must present documentation which establishes their identity and their age, i.e., California Driver License, California Identification Card, etc.
  2. Students using the Older Adult Fee waiver may register at/or after the first day of the term.
  3. The Admissions & Records Office will send the Older Adult Fee waiver form to Student Financial Services in order for the fee waiver to be posted to the student account.
  4. The number of Older Adult Fee waivers is limited.

Older Adult student not participating in the Older Adult fee waiver program will be required to pay fees by the posted due date.