Student of the Month

May 2012

Name: Rosario Recor

Rosario Recor

Major(s) / Minor: Child Development

Organizations/Clubs I belong to / Activities / Skills / Honors:
Volunteer at Canyon Elementary School

Postgraduate Plans / Career Goals:
My postgraduate plan is to obtain my Master’s in education option multicultural and to become a teacher/educator.

You have a unique story. Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in France as the last of ten children in a Spanish immigrant family. In 1998, I left my French university to go teach in Venezuela, South America. During that trip, I met a California native and we later got married. Today, we have two adorable daughters, Justine, 8 years old and Maya, 5 years old. I love experiencing and introducing our kids to the many wonders of the world.

Favorite / most influential courses so far in CDV:
Many CDV courses were very influential to me and helped me gain essential skills in the field. CDV 240, CDV 366, CDV 380 and CDV 496 definitely inspired the choices that I am making today.

How has your education affected or changed you? What do you enjoy most about your studies?
As a full-time mother of two young children and a non-native English speaker, the decision to go back to college was not easy, especially after so many years out of school. However, I realize that education is one of the most important components of one’s life. Education gives the power to choose, to make the right decisions and to empower one’s own life and the life of others.
Also, college gave me opportunities to encounter professional and devoted teachers who inspired me as a future educator and nurtured my determination to continue my education.
Thanks to them, and to my family, I decided to enroll in a graduate program in order to push my own limits as a diligent professional and life-long learner in the education field.

Have there been any individuals who have been especially helpful or inspirational to you?
My parents, Aurelio and Carmen Ortega, gave me a lot of unconditional love and strength that helped me construct the person I am today. In the classroom, teachers like Professor Allen, Dr. Brentano, Dr. Radmacher and Professor Rosenfelt inspired me with their dedication and professionalism. Also, special classmates, with whom I developed friendships, taught me values that helped me to grow academically and personally. Finally, my daughters and husband motivated me the most. They encouraged me to continue my education and they always supported me in the choices that I have made. They are the support system that helps me in achieving my goals.

What advice would you give incoming students?
Work, work and work! It is so fun to learn and to build your own knowledge...

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”--Saint Augustine

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