Program Requirements

General Education (55 units)

Please see “General Education” requirements in the University Catalog or the Class Schedule for the most current information on General Education requirements and course offerings.

Note: Students must complete MAT 131 under General Education Area B4: Quantitative Reasoning.

Major Requirements (65 units)

Child Development Core (53 units)

Required core coursework is organized in five tiers – Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced, Specialized, and Capstone. Each tier serves as preparation for the subsequent tier. Courses within each tier may be taken concurrently. All courses in a tier must be completed before moving on to the next tier (e.g., all Intermediate courses must be completed before taking courses in the Advanced tier).

Introductory Level:

CDV 150 Introduction to Child Development (3)
CDV 180 Methods of Studying Children (4)*

Intermediate Level:

CDV 225 Infant Development (4)*
CDV 240 The Preschool Years (4)*
CDV 330 The School-age Years (3)
CDV 360 Adolescence (3)

Advanced Level:

CDV 366 Parenting (3)
CDV 380 Stress, Risk, and Resiliency (3)
CDV 420 Methods and Analysis in Child Study (4; Prerequisite: MAT 131)

Specialized Level:

CDV 423 Child Development and Social Policy (3)
CDV 440 Becoming American: Immigrant Children and Families in the US (3)
CDV 444 Cognition, Language and Schooling (3)
CDV 450 Development in Poverty (3)

Capstone Level:

CDV 490 Senior Seminar (3)
CDV 496 Directed Field Experience (4)*
CDV 498 Directed Research in Child Development (3)

Child Development Electives (12 units)

To fulfill their elective requirements students may select one of the pre-established concentrations or propose their own selection of electives. Students who chose not to select a concentration must select their electives from a list of approved courses following the criteria listed on the electives webpage. At least 9 units must be upper-division. 


  • Courses marked with an asterisk (*) include a fieldwork component and require negative TB and Certificate of Clearance (see below). 
  • Students must complete all courses in the major with a “C” or better grade. A “C-” is not considered a satisfactory grade. 
  • Visit to look up courses that transfer from various community colleges to CSUDH.

Child Development Program Plan [PDF]

Degree Roadmaps

TB, Immunization, and Certificate of Clearance Requirements:

Students who register for CDV 180, 225, 240, or 496 must submit evidence of 1) negative TB clearance and 2) a Certificate of Clearance in order to register for these courses. This is a mandatory requirement.

  • Students must submit documentation of a negative TB to Lisa Langford (CDV advisor), in the Student Services Center (WH A-300). The negative TB reading must be within the last year. A TB reading is valid for one year. If your clearance has expired or will expire during the time that you will be registered for any of the above courses, you will need to take the test again. If you need to retake the test, please have the TB reading completed prior to registering for courses.
  • Students must submit documentation of Certificate of Clearance to Lisa Langford (CDV advisor), in the Student Services Center (WH A-300). The Certificate of Clearance is obtained through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. The Certificate of Clearance must have been acquired within the last five years and must be valid until the end of the semester you are enrolling in a fieldwork course (Child Development Permits obtained within the last 5 years are also valid).
  • Please see the Child Development Department Office or Lisa Langford (CDV advisor), in the Student Services Center (WH A-300) for instructions pertaining to the process of obtaining Certificate of Clearance.  
  • We encourage you to please be prompt in beginning the Certificate of Clearance process. 
  • Instructions Handout [PDF]
  • You can obtain step by step instructions on how to apply for your Certificate of Clearance on the CTC website (video) / CTC website (written instructions)
  • Obtaining clearance can take approximately 7-10 days. Your Certificate of Clearance will be valid for all courses requiring this clearance for up to 5 years. For example, if you obtain a Certificate of Clearance for CDV 180, it will be valid for CDV 225, 240, and 496 as long as these courses are complete within 5 years of your Certificate of Clearance date. 
  • Once you obtain TB clearance and Certificate of Clearance please make two copies of each document. Submit the first copy to the Student Services Center (WH A300) during your advising appointment, and keep the second copy for your records. Please be advised, that if you are applying for CDV 496, please submit your TB and Certificate of Clearance copies with the application
  • Please be aware that a permission number will not be given unless the mandatory documentation is provided.

Immunization against Influenza, Pertussis, and Measles 

Please note that the State of California has recently changed its immunization requirements for persons working with children in many settings. Students should be prepared to provide documentation of immunization against influenza, pertussis, and measles to their fieldwork site. If a student does not have the proper documentation, he or she may not be able to complete his or her fieldwork hours. 

Please note that the State of California immunization and clearance requirements can change at any time. Students may be asked to submit evidence of additional clearances or immunizations as mandated by the State government or specific fieldsite. 

For updated information regarding California immunization requirements, please visit the California Department of Public Health and California School Immunization Law websites.

For updated information regarding California School 

Students should keep a copy of all clearance and immunization documentation for their own records to present to their field placement site.  

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