Elective coursework is included in the curriculum to provide students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills related to the professional position they hope to work in, but may not receive through the Core Child Development coursework. For example, a student who is interested in working in the early childhood education would benefit from taking courses in early language and math learning. Similarly, students interested in entering a master’s program in occupational therapy might consider completing requisite courses in anatomy and physiology. Electives may be taken at any time after lower division GE requirements have been met.

When deciding upon which electives to take, students should reflect upon the knowledge or skills they may require in their desired work and choose coursework that would enable them advance their professional goals. Students are encouraged to select courses within one of the established concentrations listed below. These concentrations aggregate courses that will enhance your knowledge and skills in a particular career area. Students who have a professional goal that is not reflected in the established concentrations should consider the General Elective option.

Criteria for Elective Requirement

  • Students must complete 12 units of electives.
  • Students may select an established concentration or the general elective option.
  • Course content must not duplicate content covered in Core coursework or General Education (GE) coursework.
  • Electives selected must not duplicate the course content of other electives chosen (e.g., you may not take SOC 321 – Sociology of Education and SOC 322 – Social Environment of Education).
  • If you are planning to minor or double major in a different discipline, you may not double count that coursework to satisfy electives requirements. No course may count in both the major and minor (see University Catalog).
  • All courses MUST be listed on the list of Approved CSUDH Electives [PDF] or Approved non-CSUDH Electives [PDF] (for courses taken at other colleges or universities).
  • Courses that are not approved will not be accepted.
  • Courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Concentrations in Child Development

General Elective Option

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