Curriculum Structure

(This is the required sequence in taking courses)

Required coursework is organized in five tiers – introductory, intermediate, advanced, specialized, and capstone. Each tier serves as preparation for the subsequent tier. Courses within each tier may be taken concurrently. All courses in a tier must be completed before moving on to the next tier (e.g., all intermediate courses must be completed before taking courses in the advanced tier).

Introductory Level

CDV 150, and CDV 180

Intermediate Level

CDV 225, CDV 240, CDV 330, and CDV 360

Advanced Level

CDV 366, CDV 380, and CDV 420*

Specialized Courses

CDV 423, CDV 440, CDV 444, and CDV 450


CDV 490, CDV 496, and CDV 498

*Note:  Please see the University Catalog for a detailed description of prerequisites and sequencing of courses. Students should complete MAT 131 under General Education Area B4: Quantitative Reasoning before they reach the Advanced Level tier.