Career Possibilities

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Child Development can work as

  • parent educators (professionals who conduct parenting workshops) 
  • child development consultants 
  • preschool teachers 
  • child counselors 
  • youth counselors 
  • court appointed advocates for children 
  • program planners 
  • schoolage program professionals (e.g., school counselors, after-school program coordinators) 
  • planners and coordinators of recreation programs 
  • K-12 teachers

Child Development majors work in settings such as

  • child care centers 
  • pediatric wards in hospitals 
  • department of parks and recreation 
  • schools 
  • companies that manufacture products for children such as toys, books and software

Individuals with a degree in Child Development can also start centers for children. Some of the positions listed above may require additional training after completing the baccalaureate program in Child Development.

Download from this link a Handout about Career Possibilities and Educational Requirements [PDF].

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