1. General Advisement
  2. Major Advisement
  3. Faculty Advisors
  4. Registration

Students should contact the department they seek information about. For example, financial aid questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office. Before contacting any department, please have your Student ID ready to enable the staff to locate you records.

DepartmentRoomPhoneEmailSecondary Phone
Admissions & RecordsWH C290(310) 243-3645admit@csudh.eduRegistration Helpline - (310) 243-3608
Financial AidWH B260(310) 
Student DisAbility Resource CenterWH 180(310) 243-3660 TDD: (310) 342-2028

General Advisement

The University Advisement Center provides assistance with general education courses and requirements, planning class schedules, major and minor information, general education course substitutions, GE course equivalencies at other universities and colleges, academic probation and disqualification advising, Math (ELM) and English (EPT) course placement, and university policies and procedures. Please visit the University Advisement Center website for additional information.

Students who need assistance with general advisement should contact the University Advisement Center at or (310) 243-3538. The University Advisement Center is located in Welch Hall A-220. New students are encouraged to see an academic advisor prior to enrolling in classes. Students should meet with their General Education advisors each semester to ensure timely progress towards degree completion and long-term goals.

Transfer Students should contact the University Advisement Center to confirm their GE course completion. To determine whether any Child Development courses you have taken will count for Child Development Core Coursework, please visit You will be provided with a list of courses at the college that you attended that articulate with Child Development courses at CSUDH. Please review the list carefully to assure you have met all the requirements for articulation. All Child Development courses must be passed with a “C” or better. If you have questions regarding course articulation please contact your Major Advisor at the Student Services Center.

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Major Advisement

The Student Services Center for the School of Health and Human Services provides assistance with information regarding Child Development Program requirements, verification of community college articulation for Child Development core courses, degree progress and schedule planning, probation and disqualification advising, electives verification and submission, and filing for graduation. Please visit the Student Services Center website for additional information.

All Child Development majors are required to meet with their major advisor for first-time major advisement. Your major advisor will review the core and elective requirements in the major and provide assistance in mapping out a plan to complete the core coursework.

  • Entering Freshmen should schedule this meeting during their sophomore year before they move on to the advanced tier courses and above. In their first two years in residence, students should ensure they are on track to complete their introductory and immediate tier Child Development core coursework around the same time they complete their lower-division general education requirements. 
  • Transfer students should meet their major advisor before or during their first semester in residency to assess whether any Child Development courses taken at another college or university will articulate with core requirements and to develop a degree progress plan. Prior to the meeting, students should visit to look up courses that transfer from various community colleges to CSUDH. Students should bring a copy of their unofficial transcript to their first-time major advisement meeting if their transfer courses to do appear under Transfer Courses in MYCSUDH.

Current students are encouraged to meet with their major advisor regularly and are required to meet with an advisor upon the completion of 30, 60, and 90 units of coursework.

Students may call the Student Services Center at (310) 243-2120 or (800) 344-5484. The Student Service Center is located on campus in WH A-300 (see campus map). You may also send your queries via email to

Preparing for your Student Services Center Advisement Appointment:

  • Please have your Student ID (SID) available when you make your appointment. 
  • Please bring in necessary forms and documentation (e.g., unofficial transcripts) to your advisement appointment.

Registration Holds:

  • If you are inquiring about a problem affecting your registration, please check your degree progress report in mycsudh to be familiar with what type of hold(s) that you have (e.g., financial aid, probation) and the department (e.g., University Advisement Center, Financial Aid) that placed the hold before requesting assistance. 
  • The Student Services Center is not able to remove all holds. They are only able to remove holds that pertain to Major Advising and Academic Probation, but not to include STEPS Probation Holds, which are put on by the University Advisement Center. 
  • For all other holds, students should contact the department that placed the hold to have it removed. 
  • To remove holds placed by the Child Development Program, please make an advisement appointment with the Student Services Center.

Applying for Graduation:

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to see an advisor well in advance of their graduation filing deadline. Students who wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment face the possibility of not getting an appointment before the filing deadline.

Below are the Application Filing Periods when applying for graduation. The Application for Graduation must be filed in accordance with the following schedule. Failure to apply in accordance with the schedule below could delay your degree past your intended graduation date. Also there will be additional fees assessed for applying after the regular deadline.

Degree Conferral TermRegular DeadlineLate Deadline
Fall SemesterJuly 1September 15
Spring SemesterOctober 1Last day of fall semester
Summer SessionFebruary 1April 15

Please note that if the above dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be the previous working day.

For information regarding Graduation, please visit the following websites:

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Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors can provide assistance with information regarding career choices, graduate school, selecting electives, and approving course/elective substitutions. Students are assigned a faculty advisor by last name (see below). Students can make an appointment to meet with their faculty advisor by contacting the Child Development Program office at 310-243-2029 or via email at Appointment dates and times change each semester. Faculty advisors are only available during the academic year and are not available during the winter and summer breaks.

Last Names Beginning with:Faculty AdvisorOffice
A - DDr. Cornelia BrentanoWH A-310E
E - LDr. Anupama JoshiWH A-330E
M - RDr. Megumi KuwabaraWH A-310C
S - ZDr. Kimberley RadmacherWH A-320C

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Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor 1-2 months prior to the start of registration to review their progress in the major and develop a program plan for the next semester. Please make an appointment with your faculty or major advisor early as appointments tend to fill up during registration time. To make an appointment with the Student Services Center please call at (310) 243-2120 or (800) 344-5484.  The Student Services Center is located on campus in WH A-300.  You may also send your queries via email to

Registration in Lower-Division Fieldwork Courses:

Students who plan to register for any lower-division fieldwork course that requires fieldwork will need to meet with the Child Development advisor in the Student Services Center prior to enrolling in the course. The lower-division fieldwork courses include the following:

  • CDV 180 – Methods of Studying Children
  • CDV 225 – Infancy
  • CDV 240 – The Preschool Years

Prior to setting up an advisement appointment students MUST obtain documentation of the following: 1) current TB clearance and 2) Certificate of Clearance. Students must bring a copy of this documentation to their advising appointment in order to receive a permission number. Please bring a copy rather than the original so that you have a copy for your own records. Prior to setting up your advisement appointment please check the following:

  1. You have completed the necessary prerequisite(s) for the course. Prerequisites MUST be completed or in progress in order to register for the fieldwork courses. 
  • The prerequisite/co-requisite course for CDV 180 is CDV 150. Students who have not taken CDV 150, but wish to enroll in CDV 180 must first enroll in CDV 150 prior to obtaining a permission number for CDV 180.
  • The perquisite courses for CDV 225 and CDV 240 are CDV 150 and CDV 180. 
  1. Documentation of a negative TB reading taken within the last year. 
    • A TB reading is valid for one year. If your clearance has expired or will expire during the time that you will be registered for any of the above courses, you will need to take the test again. If you need to retake the test, please have the TB reading completed prior to registering for courses.  
  1. Documentation of Certificate of Clearance obtained through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing or Child Development Permit.
    • The Certificate of Clearance or Child Development Permit must have been acquired within the last five years and must be valid until the end of semester you are enrolled in a fieldwork course.

Immunization against Influenza, Pertussis, and Measles: 

Please note that the State of California has recently changed its immunization requirements for persons working with children in many settings. Students should be prepared to provide documentation of immunization against influenza, pertussis, and measles to their fieldwork site. If a student does not have the proper documentation, he or she may not be able to complete his or her fieldwork hours.

Please note that the State of California immunization and clearance requirements can change at any time. Students may be asked to submit evidence of additional clearances or immunizations as mandated by the State government or specific fieldsite.

For updated information regarding California immunization requirements, please visit the California Department of Public Health and California School Immunization Law websites.

Students should keep a copy of all clearance and immunization documentation for their own records to present to their field placement site.  

Registration in Capstone Courses

Students who plan to register in the Capstone Level Courses MUST attend the Capstone Orientation Session in the semester prior to enrolling in the capstone courses. The process for enrolling in these courses will be explained at the information session. Before attending an information session, please assure that you are eligible to enroll in capstone coursework. Students MUST have completed all other Child Development core coursework in order to register in capstone courses. If space in the capstone courses permits, students who have only one specialized course left to take may be eligible to concurrently enroll in that one specialized course with the capstone courses.

Students who are enrolling in the capstone courses will need to fill out an application form for each course. Please see the CDV 496 – Directed Fieldwork website for application documents and information. Applications for CDV 490 – Senior Seminar and CDV 498 – Directed Research will be given out at the information session. Students who are enrolling in CDV 496 will also need to provide current TB and Live Scan Clearance documentation (please see information above regarding this documentation). Students should note that CDV 490 – Senior Seminar and CDV 498 – Directed Research are taken concurrently with the same instructor. CDV 490 will provide students with the theoretical grounding for their applied research experiences in CDV 498.

Permission numbers will be emailed to students after the application due date or registration date, whichever comes last. Permission numbers for the capstone courses will be administered according to student's registration date and in the order in which their complete application for CDV 496 – Directed Field Experience was received. Complete applications for all courses should be submitted to the Child Development Department office.  

Registering for All Other Child Development Courses

Students should be able to register for all other Child Development courses without a permission number. Please register for courses on or near your registration date. Students are encouraged to meet with their Child Development advisor prior to registration to assure they are on-track.

Problems with Registration. If you are attempting to register for a Child Development course not listed above and receive an error message “prerequisites not met”, please look at your degree audit and verify if the prerequisites for the course have been meet and are posted. Your degree audit report can be found by using MYCSUDH: 

  • Under the Degree Progress Tab>Report Type>Choose Advising Report>Go>Choose Degree Audit Tab at the top>Expand All to see both your GE and Major courses. 
  •  If the prerequisite courses are not posted on your degree audit, you will need to make an advising appointment with the Child Development advisor in the Student Services Center. 
  • If prerequisites were taken at another college or university, please bring an unofficial transcript verifying completion of the prerequisite to your scheduled appointment. If you took the course after you entered CSUDH, you will need to submit an official copy of the transcript to the Admissions and Records Office. 
  • If you are currently taking a course at a community college that is a prerequisite for a course that you need a permission number for, you will need to supply the Child Development advisor with this information. If the course is still in progress when registration begins, you will need to bring in a copy of your registration to confirm that you are enrolled in the course. Once the course has been completed, it is the students' responsibility to submit an official copy of the transcript to the Admissions and Records Office. All Child Development courses must be completed with a C or better.


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