Chicana/o Studies provides a positive foundation for academic success in the University and academically prepares students for graduate studies leading to professional careers in the public and private sectors.  The Chicana/o Studies Department major emphasizes preparation for (1) those interested in teaching; (2) specialists in bilingual and cross-cultural education; (3) majors in other academic fields who wish to include an additional scope to their field; (4) students pursuing advanced degrees (M.A., M.S.W., Ph.D., or J.D.); and (5) those entering a variety of occupations such as in business, communications, urban affairs, government, social work, school administration, counseling, criminology, law, foreign services and other related fields.  CHS offers an undergraduate degree program with 4 concentrations: language and literatures; education, health and community service; historical and political development; and arts, aesthetics, and performance.