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Professional Development:

Degree, certificate, credential and individual courses designed to enhance your career

• Business

• Communications and Technology

• Education

• Healthcare

• Humanities

• Mediation, Negotiation, and Legal

• Sports & Recreation

• All Certificate Programs

Custom Designed Training and Development
Custom Designed Training to meet the demands of a fast-paced workplace

Distance / Online Learning
Bachelors and Masters Degree, certificate, credential and individual courses

Academic Programs
Bachelors and Masters Degree programs; Open University

Test and Certification Preparation

International Education
Inbound and outbound opportunities for students and groups who desire to study at CSUDH, CSUDH students who wish to study abroad, student exchange, faculty exchange, learning vacations, and international research and teaching opportunities.

English as a Second Language
A program for International students to prepare for University enrollment

Courses for High School Students
Academic courses available to high school students via distance learning