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Online Certificate in Purchasing
Purchasing Education and Training

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Also see the online Certificate in Supply Chain Management.


The certificate is for people who wish to gain a broad education in the principles of purchasing and procurement management. Those already in the fields of supply chain management and quality assurance, as well as those anticipating a career change will benefit from this practical training taught by leading professionals currently employed in Purchasing.

Topics covered include cost-price analysis, negotiation, public sector procurement, legal and regulatory considerations, specification, standardization, supply, ethical issues, partnering, total quality procurement, and logistics (link to CSUDH catalogue).

Note: Once you have completed all the courses in the certificate, you may apply to receive the certificate by clicking here.


  • Improves employment marketability
  • Taught by leading professionals in the field
  • Prepares student for employment in aerospace, electronics, 
    military, hospital, and retail industries
  • Combines broad education in principles of purchasing 
    with practical hands-on training
  • Exposes student to emerging processes and technologies
  • Taught online and at company-sponsored sites
  • Provides three units of Bachelor degree (upper division applicable) 
    credit for each course successfully completed
The Cost
The tuition for each three-unit course is listed in the schedule. Textbooks, workbooks and other related materials are not included in the tuition.

Certificate Requirements
No application is required for entering the certificate program. To earn the certificate, you must complete the five courses offered achieving an over-all grade point average of 2.5 or better.  The certificate must be completed within three years once the student has started the program.  Once you have completed all the courses in the certificate, you may apply to receive the certificate by clicking here.

To register for a class, just call 877-464-4557. After you have registered, you'll automatically be set up in Blackboard. Blackboard is the software package used to administer the course material. You can also send an email to Frank Putz, instructor, at fputz@csudh.edu for Blackboard instructions if you do not receive them by email.

Information & Registration

There are no prerequisites for enrollment and no admission process.  When you're ready to register, call 310-243-3741.

Have questions about the program?  Call 310-243-2075 (M-F) or email learn@csudh.edu

"I really enjoyed all my classes. You're a great instructor. I haven't
taken a class in 30 years and you gave me the self-confidence to go
and finish my degree, which is really hard at my age. I cannot thank
you enough."

Diane Tompkins, Torrance, CA, Northrop Grumman Employee

Out of work and need training? This program is approved for funding through the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act. Contact the Workforce Investment Board for more information.

California State University Dominguez Hills provides the following information for its online and distance learning students in compliance with State Authorization information & Consumer Complaints federal Title IV regulation. Federal law [Section668.43(b)] requires all institutions must disclose to all students or prospective students the complaint agency in all states where students reside.  If a student has a complaint or concern, information on how to contact a state agency and register a complaint, can be found at the following website: http://www.calstate.edu/AcadAff/state-regulatory-authorizations/index.shtml.