Technical Information

All students enrolled in distance learning classes are required to have Internet access. All distance learning courses use Blackboard for their course websites. Students should check their campus email and visit their Blackboard course website regularly to keep pace with the course. Some courses are also broadcast on the cable television and the internet via DHTV.

For best results, we recommend using either the latest Firefox or Chrome browsers. If possible, shut down all other non-essential programs which may be running simultaneously on your system. If necessary, reboot your computer before using Blackboard and/or DHTV.

Should you have any issues with DHTV televised and/or webcast courses, you may contact our us at 310.243.2288 or by web-form email here.

Should you have any issues with Blackboard, you may create a help ticket here. Be sure to indicate the course along with course ID for which you are enrolled.