Online & Distance Learning (ODL)

Formerly known as Dominguez Online, the Online & Distance Learning (ODL) unit is a leading-edge provider of online educational opportunities. ODL, which supports the largest distance learning program in California, offers nine academic degrees and seven academic certificates, as well as hundreds of other courses without students ever having to come on campus. ODL, through its award-winning broadcast television station DHTV, provides more than 20 hours of live, interactive programming each week on cable television throughout Southern California and the internet worldwide.

CSUDH Summer Sessions Online Classes Are Open to All Qualified Students!

If you have any questions about DHTV televised and/or webcast courses, you may contact our us at 310.243.2288 or by web-form email here.

CSUDH named in the top 15 online schools in California

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CSUDH Young Scholars Program is featured on DHTV