CBAPP Grade Appeal Procedure

Grounds for Appealing a Grade

A grade appeal is permitted when a student can show clear evidence that a grade was contrary to procedures as specified in the course syllabus, was based on prejudice, was capricious, or was the result of computational or clerical error.  The presumption is that the grades assigned are correct until there is a clear demonstration otherwise.  The burden of proof is heavy, and it rests with the student who is appealing.


Grade Appeal Process

1.) You must seek to resolve the matter informally with the instructor of record or other appropriate individual.  For you to be able to proceed with a grade appeal, you must have met with the faculty member within the regular semester session of the time you knew or should have known of the problem or dispute, unless there is a prior agreement for extension between you and the Department Chair.

 It is best to submit your grade appeal request to the instructor via email.  The email subject should be “Grade Appeal”.  In the body of the email, make sure to include the following:

  1. Your name as it is listed on the class roster
  2. The course number, including section
  3. A detailed description of why you believe you received a grade you did not deserve.

2.) If the matter is not worked out informally within 15 classroom days to the satisfaction of the parties, you or your representative may send a formal grade appeal, in writing, to the Associate Dean of the School.  The Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy is Dr. G. Keong Leong.  Email your formal appeal to him, at and to the Student Support Coordinator,

Or mail it to:

Dr. G. Keong Leong

Associate Dean

College of Business Administration & Public Policy

1000 E. Victoria Street, SBS B-306

Carson, CA 90747

Or drop it off at:

Social & Behavioral Sciences Building, Room B-306

Your typewritten statement must contain the following:

  1. A clear statement of the problem.
  2. The specific action requested of the University; and
  3. Arguments to support your request.

3.) You must simultaneously file a hard copy of your grade appeal with the Office of Academic Affairs.

Mail it to:

CSUDH Academic Affairs

1000 E. Victoria Street

Carson, CA 90747

Or drop it off at:

Welch Hall, Suite 440.

4.) Dr. Leong will discuss your written statement with the faculty member and/or Department Chair and request without delay a written statement of their positions and other comments. After receiving a joint statement, or separate statements, from the faculty member and the Department Chair, Dr. Leong will have 15 classroom days to resolve the problem in coordination with the parties; otherwise he will forward the case file, including your statement and the faculty member’s and the Chair’s written responses to the Chair of the Student Grade Appeals Board, along with his recommendation. Dr. Leong will give information copies of that recommendation to the parties.