CBAPP Department Scholars

CBAPP Department Scholars


Department Scholars is a group of distinguished students nominated by faculty within the College of Business Administration and Public Policy (CBAPP). We support on-campus activities that promote higher education, career preparedness, campus involvement, and good business practices. We seek to bring about change, and improve the college experience, by uniting faculty, students, and the community. Our vision is to empower students to make a difference, and to be a part of shaping the future. 


The mission of the College of Business and Public Policy (CBAPP) Department Scholars (DS) is to identify, recognize, and further develop the top business, criminal justice, and public administration students. We will work together to have a strong and positive impact on CBAPP and the greater CSUDH family by giving back wherever we can, fostering and promoting higher education, career or entrepreneurial preparedness, and ethical business practices.




Serving as a CBAPP Department Scholar is a high honor. Membership to this elite group is by faculty nomination only, and candidates must be a current student and have a declared major within the College of Business Administration and Public Policy.


  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Personal Development
  • Access to Mentors
  • Teamwork and Group Learning
  • Professional Networking
  • Event Planning and MarketingDS Logo


  • Meet the Companies Night
  • Networking Workshops
  • Student Research Day
  • CBAPP Outreach Events

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