Careers in the Major

  1. Bachelor of Science in Public Administration
    One-sixth of the civilian work force in the United States is employed by local, state and federal governments. Career opportunities for public administration graduates range from law enforcement and human services to education and transportation. In the private sector, many companies actively promote community oriented public service initiatives.

    The Dominguez Hills Public Administration & Public Policy program also provides a solid foundation for employment with nonprofit organizations, utility companies, private firms, and hospitals. The degree also offers strong pre-law preparation for students interested in law school and careers in law.

  2. Master of Public Administration
    The Master of Public Administration degree provides students with the educational background and and professional competencies needed to secure administrative/managerial positions in a variety of public sector and non-profit organizations, or in private firms with close ties to governments and public service, such as utilities or defense contractors.

    The majority of MPA students at Dominguez Hills are already employed by public, private, or non-profit agencies when they begin their graduate education, and use their master's degrees for professional advancement within their organizations. Other students with little or no work experience, or those with no managerial experience, use the MPA degree to obtain entry-level management or administrative positions. Many other students use the MPA degree as preparation for doctoral study and careers as professors and researchers.