Institute of entrepreneurship, small business development and global logistics

Small Business Marketing

The goal of the Institute is to become a regional thought leader in the critically important, fast growing areas of entrepreneurship, small business development and global logistics especially from the perspectives of first generation students, urban, minority and female participants.

The College is very well placed to effectively deliver on these goals because of:

(a) our being an urban university with focus on first generation students

(b) our proximity to ports, airport, transport hubs, and

(c) the availability of entrepreneurial opportunities in internet businesses, microenterprise as well as more traditional small business development.

The Institute’s goals are to develop and to disseminate through symposia, web seminars and conferences, appropriate learning, applied research and scholarship programs to serve our students, faculty, college, university and the wider community.

One of the most significant focal points of the Institute will be to provide opportunities for faculty development by being a viable research resource, grant writing/delivery platform and an instrument of community outreach with close involvement of our students – both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Institute’s aim is to act as a platform for networking and other collaborative activities for the business community, policy-making institutions and sister centers within the CSU system and the region in order to achieve and further the mission of the university and the College.

Institute Director:

Mike Grimshaw

For additional information about the institute and its activities contact Mike Grimshaw at (310) 930-3094 or