Economics Institute

“Innovative and Forward-Thinking Economics Research and Teaching”


Mission Statement

The Economics Institute at CSUDH aims to lead the South Bay region with innovative and forward-thinking economics education and research. The Economics Institute serves the College of Business Administration and Public Policy faculty and students, as well as community stakeholders by:

  1. Developing CSUDH economics curriculum and teaching while incorporating proven high-impact practices;
  2. Engaging our diverse student body in economic analysis projects through mentoring programs, guest speakers, and community outreach opportunities; and
  3. Facilitating faculty development through economics research resources, grant writing deliverables, and local business and government community engagement.


The Economics Institute sees the following future:

  1. An Economics Major developed at CSUDH;
  2. Student Fellows conducting meaningful and innovative economics research with faculty mentorship, and being prepared for graduate school and careers in the field;
  3. A self-sustainable business model based on external grants, certificate programs, and community engagement events; and
  4. Faculty engaging in respected economics research which is grounded in the Dominguez Hills community and published in high-level journals.
 Fynnwin Prager Jose Martinez

Fynnwin Prager, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Public Administration

Jose N. Martinez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor