College of Business Administration and Public Policy Advisory Board



The College of Business Administration and Public Policy (CBAPP) Advisory Board’s mission is to be advocates of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy and CSUDH by improving the visibility and enhancing the reputation of the business programs in the business community and to provide advice, opinions and ideas on how to improve the College’s competitiveness through its curriculum, programs and student recruitment and placement. 

2011-2012 Goals of the Board

  1. Expand Advisory Board Membership and Involvement
    • Make recommendations for Board representation from the Public Policy and Public Administration arena.
    • Recruit Board members who will support the Mission and Goals of the Advisory Board.
  2. Integrate Real World Practices and Academics
    • Speak or be a panel participant at classes.
    • Participate in faculty candidate interviews.
    • Provide research and internship opportunities for College.
    • Review curriculum as needed.
  3. Help Increase College Resources
    • Provide paid internship opportunities for students.
    • Act as a student mentor.
    • Recruit/ hire students after graduation.
    • Provide scholarship funds (large or small amounts).
    • Participate in fundraising efforts.
  4. Special  and On-going Projects
    • Be proactive in identifying project areas that will benefit the College and are of interest to Board members.
    • Support  NASPAA and AACBS Accreditation.
    • Identify projects to support research of the Nonprofit Institute and  the Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management Institute.

Revised March 2011