California State University, Dominguez Hills

College of Business Administration and Public Policy Advisory Board Bylaws


The College of Business Administration and Public Policy (CBAPP) Advisory Board is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the programs in CBAPP. The role of the board is two-fold. First, members provide advice, opinions and ideas on how to improve the College, including curriculum, programs, student recruitment and placement, and the general competitive environment affecting business, public administration, political science, economics, labor studies and applied studies education. The Board will be especially focused on emerging issues and trends in the relevant external environments. Second, the Board helps to improve the visibility and enhance the reputation of CBAPPs academic programs in the practitioner and general communities that the College serves.

Examples of how the members of the CBAPP Advisory Board will assist the College of Business Administration and Public Policy are as follows:

  • Provide advice to the Dean of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy and its faculty regarding continuous improvement of the College’s academic programs and relationship with the practitioner and other relevant external communities.
  • Identify, consult on and participate in faculty research projects and scholarly activities.
  • Provide the viewpoint of the Board to prospective new faculty during the recruitment process.
  • Identify opportunities in which faculty and students can be involved with practitioners and their organizations through “real world” projects, site visits, case studies and related activities.
  • Participate as guest lecturers, speakers to student clubs and organizations, panel discussants, evaluators of student projects and business plans, mentors to students and other related activities.
  • Identify student internships and recruitment for career positions.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty as speakers or consultants for professional and business organizations.
  • Provide financial resource generating opportunities or suggestions.
  • Provide guidance and feedback on curriculum and academic programs.
  • Assist in the development and support for the mission, strategy and tactics of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy.

Membership on the Board is an important but limited commitment to the College. The Board has no direct responsibilities for fund raising, student recruitment or other volunteer functions. The Board may become involved in these activities to the degree it desires. The Board will meet approximately four times per year. The board will elect an executive committee of not less than three members, a chair of the executive committee and a vice chair. The purpose of the executive committee is to provide leadership to the board. The board may create subcommittees to help achieve its goals. Attendance to Board meetings will not necessarily affect Board membership. However, board members are expected to contribute to the advancement of the mission of the College in some reasonable fashion. Members will be invited on occasion to College functions and attendance will not affect Board membership.

Revised May 5, 2006