Mentors & Coaches

CASLA mentor heading

The purpose of the Charter & Autonomous School Leadership Academy (CASLA) mentorship program is to establish a mentorship relationship between the CASLA participant and their site administrator (or equivalent) and thereby assist the participant in their skills development as they work towards increasing student achievement through their work with adults.

Mentors agree to:

  1. Mentoring the CASLA student in their CASLA experience that includes the PROS fieldwork project, Business Plan, and Residency.
  2. Attending the PROS project presentations.
  3. Having courageous conversations with the CASLA student towards understanding theory and application of the research and best practice.
  4. Completing a pre- and post –NASSP 360 Tool leadership assessment within one week of receiving the link from the National Association of Secondary School Principals.
  5. Attending a minimum of 75% of leadership development offerings in the “Mentor Professional Development Calendar.”