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Job Fairs and Events

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Job Fairs

Job fairs provide an opportunity for students to meet with a large number of employers, in one setting, who are specifically seeking CSUDH students for the purpose of employment. Companies may have entry-level (or higher) career openings, part-time positions and/or paid and volunteer internships. Be prepared to make a good first impression and prove that you've researched the employers of interest. Dress appropriately and bring copies of your resume.

Major & Minor Fair 

Thursday, January 26, 1pm - 4pm, Loker Student Union Ballrooms

Are you undeclared or undecided about your major? Meet CSUDH Faculty, Advisors, and Students from each academic department! Find out information to help you explore your major and/or minor, and plan individualized major and career-related opportunities to help you succeed! 

Prizes will be raffled throughout the event, so don't miss out! 


Spring Career Expo 

Tuesday, February 28, Loker Student Union Ballroom
10:30am - 1:30pm (See Participating Employers)

Meet with diverse employers across all industries, including state, local, and federal government agencies. Jobs offered include management trainee, accountant or auditor, and information technology positions.


Education Job Fair 

Thursday, March 16, Loker Student Union Ballroom

1:30pm - 4:30pm

Meet representatives from various schools and districts who will be recruiting for teachers, counselors, school psychologists, and administrators.


Part-time & Seasonal Job Fair 

Thursday, April 16, Loker Student Union Ballroom
More information forthcoming. 

How to Get the Most out of a Job Fair

Print our checklist and take it with you! [PDF]

Do Your Homework

A list of the participating companies is printed in advance, and posted on the Career Center website with a link to their sites. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these employers so that you'll be able to ask intelligent, well thought out questions at the job fair.

Chart Your Course

If your time is short, select the employers you're most interested in learning about and visit them first. The job fair will be set up in an "open house" format so that you may talk to the recruiters of your choice.

Explore All Options

Talk with as many recruiters as you can who might be interested in your major, experience, skills and accomplishments. Keep an open mind! For example, a health care company may not be only looking for health science majors - it may have openings in accounting, personnel, and management.

First Impressions Count

Confidence rates high with recruiters, cockiness does not! Sell yourself by stressing your skills, strengths and interests. Be enthusiastic and courteous. Remember to smile and have a positive attitude.

Dress Professionally

Conservative, professional business attire is best. You need to be neatly groomed. Wear a neatly pressed suit (men: with a tie) if you are seeking a career position. If you are looking for part-time work or an internship, wear a nice shirt/blouse and dress pants/skirt.

Be Realistic in Your Expectations

Don't expect an on-the-spot job offer. At the job fair you will be "micro-interviewing" for a short time with each recruiter. If there is a mutual interest, they'll contact you for a follow-up interview. 

Ask Plenty of Questions

Use each discussion with a recruiter as an opportunity. Increase your knowledge of the company and its job options, the qualities and skills the recruiter is looking for in a job candidate. Explore available advancement and promotion paths, company training programs, etc.

Bring Resumes

A resume is an advertisement for YOU. Keep it short in length and long in honesty, appearance and organization. Cover the basics: your education, skills, and work experience. Typos are unacceptable. If you're not sure, submit your resume to the Career Center for a resume critique. Cover letters are not necessary at a Job Fair.

Follow-Up with a "Thank You" Letter

If a recruiter has been particularly helpful, don't overlook the courtesy of a "thank you" letter. It is a good way to jog the recruiter's memory of you and relay your interest in the company. If you weren't able to get a business card with the recruiter's name and address, check with the staff in the Career Center.