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Current Internships & Fellowships

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What is an internship?

  • Internships are a form of experiential learning, typically a semester or year in length, that allow students to apply theory to practice. Some other names for this type of experience are fieldwork, clinical experience, and practicum. Some majors require an internship and in other cases, it is voluntary.
  • To learn about the benefits of doing an internship, how to prepare to be an intern, and where to find them, click here for the information sheet called "Finding an Internship. [PDF]"

A wide range of internships are available in ToroJobs & Internships.ToroJobs & Interships

Click on the link below, login as directed and search in ToroJobs & Internships by ID# or

by “internships” to see all currently available positions.

What is a fellowship?

  • Fellowships are paid opportunities to work and learn after receiving a college degree. Merit based, they are similar to scholarships, but pay for fieldwork or internship experience plus tuition costs. They exist to foster career paths in many fields, but public service, higher education, and the sciences are some examples. They can be tied to a university (institutional fellowship) and require enrollment in a particular graduate or professional school program or be “portable” and connected to a particular career field.
  • Most fellowships require the completion of a graduate level program. There are others where learning occurs at the worksite in seminar format, such as the Coro Fellows. There is a brief list of fellowships on this page, but for a comprehensive list, consult this website:

Direct links to companies & organizations with internships

Check their websites throughout the year for information about their internship opportunities.

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