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Reciprocal Services with other CSU's

CSU Alumni

Career Counseling and Employment Services are made available to alumni of other California State Universities through a long-standing reciprocal service policy. There is no grace period following the last period of enrollment at a sister institution in the CSU. Fees apply upon utilization of the services.

Alumni of other CSU campuses will be asked to verify their alumni status by presenting a letter or card of reciprocity from the Career Center of their home campus, or a copy of their diploma. CSUDH services may not be utilized until one of these items is presented. Reciprocal service clients may utilize the same services that are offered to CSUDH alumni with one exception. Participation in the On-Campus Interview Program is on a space available basis.

CSU Students

Students of other CSU campuses are eligible for the same services as CSU alumni. Alumni fees will apply.

Verification of enrollment via a current CSU student identification card will be required.