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Fee Based Alumni Career Services

$60 for six months

The following services are provided:

  • A series of three one hour individual career counseling sessions, along with a free initial consultation
  • The use of various career assessment instruments as prescribed by the counselor
  • Access to the computer-assisted career guidance programs of the office
  • Resume critique services. (Alumni may drop off their resume or personal statement for review by a counselor who will proof it and provide feedback. Resumes will be ready the next business day for pick-up)
  • Email announcements about career events, hot jobs, and other employment news
  • Participation in Career and Employment Workshops (A variety of workshop topics are offered on a year-round basis, weekdays and evenings).
  • Participation in on-campus, career-related workshops
  • Participation in the On-Campus Interview Program
  • Use of Drop-in hours for fifteen minute consults
  • Access to ToroJobs, our online job board