Career Center Vision, Mission, & Values


The Career Center will be recognized by the University and its constituents as a leading resource for career and professional development. We will provide innovative career opportunities to equip students for lifelong career development and prepare them for contributions to the global economy.


The Career Center fosters early career and professional development and believes that student empowerment is intrinsic to the development of career management skills. We recognize that career development is a life-long process, and so, we offer opportunities for both students and alumni to explore, discover, and make purposeful career-related decisions in order to become adept professionals and positive contributors to society. In doing so, the office educates our students on how to identify fulfilling opportunities that fit with their values, interests, strengths, and skills. Additionally, we provide access to internships and employment opportunities to enhance the success of our students and alumni for whom we serve. Together with the University, we set to transform students’ experiences through preparation for the work of today and tomorrow.



These values will also guide the development of our programs, services, strategic plans, and serve as a framework as we support the mission of the University.

  • Knowledge
  • Character
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Social Responsibility

(Revised March 2016)