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CAAPEI Newsletter

The California African American Political and Economic Institute will publish and disseminate a newsletter twice a year. The newsletter will cover significant political and economic issues pertinent to California’s Black elected officials and business leaders at state and local levels. Coverage will include both straightforward reporting of the issues and frequent analyses of the impact and significance of those issues to the California and national Black population. The bulk of this coverage will be by the editorial staff of the newsletter, but readers can expect occasional expert commentaries from political and economic decision-makers.

Publication Archives

The E-Encyclopedia

CAAPEI is developing an electronic encyclopedia that will provide a comprehensive reference of African American elected officials, business leaders, and policy makers. The encyclopedia will consist of entries that document and analyze the biographical information regarding professional lives and achievements of these political and business leaders as well as the impact of their efforts on the United States political, social, and economic development. Entries will have links to videos featuring interviews with African American elected officials and business leaders.