University Budget Committee

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The membership of the University Budget Committee (UBC) is established by PM 2014-04; which supersedes PM 00-03 [PDF].

Below is UBC budget information and forms for the academic years 2016-17, 2016-15, 2015-14, 2014-13, 2013-14, 2012-13, 2011-12 and 2010-11. Older budget information and forms can be found in the archived links ordered by year. Please submit questions or concerns to Stephen Mastro, staff to the University Budget Committee (UBC).


2016-17 Academic Year 

2015-16 Academic Year 

2014-15 Academic Year 

2013-14 Academic Year

Baseline Budget Requests

  • Academic Affairs Baseline Request
  • Administration & Finance Baseline Request
  • Information Technology Baseline Request
  • Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Baseline Request
  • President Baseline Request
  • University Advancement Baseline Request
  • Final Recommendation from UBC Baseline Request
  • Approved University Budget Plan to UBC Baseline Request

One-Time Budget Requests

2012-13 Academic Year

2011-12 Academic Year

2010-11 Academic Year

Prior Academic Years:

Blue Books:


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